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Is there any whay you can upgrade a cell phones camera? Answered

Like from 2megapixels to 10 by dissasembling and purchasing one.  I have a rumor touch and it has a 2megapixel cam but I was wondering if i could get a camera from another phone or buy a camera that fits and install it. If it is possible can anyone tell me where I can buy a phone camera or how if i can actually upgrade my own?


the answer is yes you can, but not easily. If you have a degree in electrical engineering and an android phone you could probably pull it off in a weekend. With your iphone, forget it, non open source software. :(

digital cameras >2Mp aren't that expensive?



7 years ago

In general, no. Typically each camera is specially designed for the phone it's placed in, both in terms of hardware and software. It's very unlikely that there would be a drop-in replacement.

No, its far too involved with software as well as hardware in the phone.

+1. If you want a better camera, the best solution is to get a separate camera. That will also give you better lenses, actual focusing control, and a bunch of other features needed to make the higher resolution actually worth having.