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Is there anything useful from old computer circuits and circuit boards? So far all I have is a bracelet.? Answered

Looking for interesting ideas on what to do with old circuit boards, including all the hardware attached. I have 2 old computers and enough green boards to do anything semi-interesting.



8 years ago

one of my favourites is wall wart just remove the large capacitors  and what not leaving the pattern and then overlape multiple boards

Even if you're only considering doing anything with heat and motherboards, you need to wear a proper respirator. The fumes are not to be ignored, there's some stuff in motherboards that is so toxic it defies believe.

PBS covered it here in an article investigating the consequences of exporting electronic waste abroad for recycling. - www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/ghana804/video/video_index.html


8 years ago

Don't throw away the hard drive, it has some very very powerful magnets within and worth keeping. The power supply could be used to power various projects but beware hazardous voltage exist if you delve inside!

From the motherboard, you could buy the parts and create a clipboard like the one shown below, just coat the side you want to write on with acrylic lacquer.


Many of the components can be de-soldered and re-used. Look for capacitors, LEDs, resistors, diodes, transistors and transformers (also a good source of magnet wire). Get enough scraps together, you could build a simple coil-gun.