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Is there anyway to glue/attach posters to my wall that be reversed and save the posters? Answered

Wanted to cover my wall in posters. I've seen directions for wheat glue but i was wondering if theres anything better. Would like it to be removable and harmless for the posters in case i were to decide to paint my walls.



Have you tried Blu Tack? It can be used over and over.

real  Blu-Tac though, some of these substances leave oily-marks.


so blue tac doesnt leave a residue on paper or the wall?

The proper stuff is quite good, but it does depend upon the surfaces.


Years ago when I was heavily into 35mm photography I used to change my display of pictures all the time.
I had smooth walls in my rooms so for lighter items up to around A4 I would use spray mount adhesive, it is a very light spray which leaves very little residue when removed & will clean off completely with a damp cloth.
For larger stuff & posters I would use blu tack, to save the posters from damage I would put clear packing tape about 2" wide is ideal all; around the edge of the posters right up to the edge, I would then use lots of small pieces of blu tack spaced out about every three inches to secure them to the wall this meant that the load was spread out around the entire poster rather than just on the corners which usually prevented the inevitable sagging, the tape would also reduce the chances of edge damage to the posters & tears starting on any creases from folding.

Blu tack is designed to come away without leaving a mark so as a rule it should be fine, the only time I have ever had a problem with it was on walls with very matt surfaces very occasionaly it would leave a small discoloured area but this was very rare.

As a few others have said REAL blu tack leaves no marks some of the other similar products occasionally do.

Dito on using tape. Really buffers/protects the poster, yet does not hinder rolling up/out.

Homedepot and some other hardware stores carries a paint that contains steel filings. Paint your wall with this, then paint over it whatever color you like then use magnets to hold up your photos. I did this for a wall in my home and it worked pretty well. When we got tired of it we just painted over it and no one knows it's there. I've used it to play a joke a few times.

thought about this but i think i would have a hard time with some of the larger posters i want to put up

Try "museum wax" (also sold as "quake hold").