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Is there anywhere cheap in southern ontario to buy Acrylic sheets thats not home depot or things like that? Answered

Ive seen some prices of acrylic sheeting for american stores and the price difference is astonishing for the same thing here in canada. As the title says I'm looking for a place or a store to get some sheets for a few projects from here and I don't want to spend that much for just a couple pieces. Is there anyone on here from southern ontario that has had the same problem, and potentially with a solution? :)


If you buy in bulk, prices drop dramatically. Granted Home Depot, Lowes, etc aren't the places I'd consider for that, nor for plastic purchases in general (except in a pinch)

Look for industrial suppliers of plastic goods in your area. I'm sure 3M and the other major players are all well represented by some local distribution channel for industry.

But you probably won't find "hobby-sized" pieces (1'x1' , 1x2, etc.) without paying somewhat equivalent prices to those of the big box stores.and will have to buy large sheets.

Yes, you said sheets, just making sure we mean the same thing. In my direct experience, a sheet of acrylic, for instance, means 4x8 (feet) or similar

PS> Johnston Industrial Plastics, Plastic World, Ontario Plastic fabricators. Google em or jsut google "plastic supplier ontario canada" exactly as shown

Most large cities have plastics stockholders, who will help. Try Yelp and the like.


3 years ago

I would imagine there might be old displays or damaged stores where a fast in shopper might even be paid to cart some acrylic and other treasure trash away to your own dump.