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Is there anywhere that sells moleskine sketchbooks on the cheap? Answered

I want to find moleskine sketchbooks that are cheaper than usual. I can't find them for a descent enough price to get them.


i found out that you can find moleskines at the local art store. for cheap

You can find moleskine-like notebooks in many dollar stores.   As that implies, the price is usually around a dollar. 

Department stores and some bigger office-supply chains also have moleskine-like notebooks.  Walmart usually has one that's about $6 in Canada. 

You can make your own knockoffs too: https://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap-and-Easy-Moleskine---sort-of/

As for the genuine, brand-name Moleskine, you can watch for them to go on sale at the office-supply store or online at one of the many retailers that sell it (ie. Amazon).  You can also try eBay, but be warned that there are a lot of fake Moleskines being sold on eBay so you have to be careful.