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Is there such a thing as Motion-detecting Dimmer Switches? Answered

HEllo. I am wondering about either dc or ac auto dimmer switches. What I would like to do is make a series of auto on and auto off dimming blacklights for a gallery.

I haven't found much of anything online. I wondered if there is a diy workaround possible?


I'm not completely sure of your aplpication but will this product work for you?


I think you can do this with off-the shelf X10 components.


You may need a device which can translate an on/off command into a level command (or a sequence of level commands), but that is available off the shelf. (My PC-to-X10 interface -- the one just above the "firecracker" in X10's own product line -- includes a simple microcontroller which can be programmed with
macros triggered by events and/or by time of day.)

If you want smooth change in brightness -- and/or if you want to jump direct to a specific brightness rather than having the lights flash momentarily to full brightness -- you may need to use better-than-cheapest dimmers. In other words, you may want to buy X10-compatible from higher-end manufacturers rather than X10's own components. (They originated the concept, but they're definitely in the "cheap and cheerful" range; others build better quality and smarter components.)

Yes, I know what you mean quality-wise.
Marmitex seem to do better stuff for sale over here at least.


no - but one could be built.