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Is there such a thing as too many keywords? Answered

I understand the value and importance of keywords, but I also loathe redundancy.

lol... should I just get over my loathing? 



Best Answer 6 years ago

There is such a thing as redundant keywords, also irrelevant and inappropriate.
Look at those not the total count.


The system bug prevented me from answering sooner.

Thanks to everyone who answered my question!

There can be, especially if they're irrelevant - "cool", "awesome" etc.


6 years ago

I believe that search engine hits
add to your total count
when Jayefuu does his tally,
You may loath repeats
that help you surmount
keywords are an important ally.


Here's a good example:

"audio, science, technology, fanatic, audiophile, help, me, please, velleman, kit"

When "amplifier, distortion" would have been much better.

Agreed with others;

Too many can be a tad ridiculous, but it depends on the error resiliency of the search mechanism; Does the search engine consider 'near' or phonetic spellings equal? I know its often advantageous to include common misspellings of unlikely words; like youtube and utube, yoo tube...

The risk of too many is that you get hits from where you shouldn't, which is good for you, bad for everyone else -- try to be comprehensive yet concise.