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Is this actual music? Answered

Is this real music or is this NOT the band room?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Looks like a bad representation of "The Star Spangled Banner".

Um, no.  It is a written representation of music.  Actual music consists of low amplitude pressure waves in air which are picked up by your ears and interpreted by your brain as sound.

 yes this is defiantly music, correctly wrote to. the 2 is for 2 beats equal the regular 4 for a meser witch in this case thayer is a 4 in the mesue witch is corect, the notes with little flags are half notes and the note with the dot after it makes it last for 2 beets and the two notes connected at the end is a ta or something lol, any way if you read this you should under stand how it goes " Da daa da da,da" and the note sequince is "c" a low note then "f" a low note and then a "a" a middel high note  then a other "a"

yes it is music. the notes go C, F, A, A,A

Yes. That is correct musical annotation. For what song, I can't say.