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Is this possible ? Answered

is it possible to make a super pc like this the total cost is $ 314.05

1.)Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green
Manufacturer: Western Digital
UK Price (as reviewed): £262.20 (inc. VAT)
US Price (as reviewed): $299.99 (ex. Tax)
2.) 48VDC 120MM COOLING FANMinebea Electric, NMB Model 4710NL-07W-B69. 48 Vdc, 0.20A
DC brushless cooling fan. 120mm x 120mm x 26mm (4.7" x 4.7" x 1").
Thermoplastic venture and impeller.
Three 23" leads. UL. We have a large quantity of these new 48Vdc cooling fans.
They also function quietly and efficiently at 24Vdc. Very special pricing.
$1.75 need 6
3.) main pc unit/keyboard/mouse/large lcd screen Free (all ready have one)
=4 of each =2$ us
5.) translucent plastic drawer 6$ need 1
6.)usb extender 1$ + Tax need 4/usb 4 port extender 8$.



Best Answer 8 years ago

If they'll fit in the tubs yes. But be careful with the cooling - you might need more than 1 fan. L

addendum to lemonie - yes, and that fan you quote is 48 volt. Where are you gonna get 48 volts from a computer power supply? you say uuber pc - without a high end video card, good processor, lots of ram, etc it's not much of a super pc. It'll be decent...

I assume the Bus is part of the motherboard mentioned? If not, a low end bus is also known as a bottleneck ;-)

I was gonna mention it will be the sum of the parts multiplied by the bottleneck :D In case you were really asking the question: The bus is the backbone of the motherboard - what connects the components for data transfer. Slow or small bus means the other components will have to spend more time waiting for their turn to talk on the bus. That makes the components sad. Sad panda.

Yes, I was aware of the function of the bus, but physiologically, I am more familiar with the old 8088 computers and wasn't sure if the bus was on the main board or not. I have yet to crack open my new computer (several years old) to see what kind of memory cards it uses ;-) I was looking at HD's and the prices are crazy (low) compared to my last look (when a 10 MEG HD was BIG !!, AND cost around $600-$800) ;-)

You can't just play the age card :P Growing up memory of the random variety was a hundred dollars a meg. That was a big deal to upgrade our "not quite 286 with the turbo on'

Well, I remember figuring out how to configure the 8088 to except the new not so floppy, floppies ;-) Back when DOS was king, and Norton Commander was Queen (I liked NC much better then I did Windows - pre-gooey). But before them, the Tandy Co-Co, the TRS-80, and the old standby, the Commodore were nice except they required a tv set, and our only available one was the portable (B&W).

With those 48 v. dc fans you will have to create a special power supply to run them.