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Is this the best NdFeB magnet deal? Answered

 I'm doing a little informal research to find the best deal in neodymium magnets. The price per cubic inch seems to be extremely variable- some on the order of $10 and others in the hundreds of dollars. Can you find a better deal than I did?

Conditions on the order of NdFeB magnets:
* Total price, including shipping to the US,  under $30
* Contains at least four magnets with intact coating
* Contains a total of at least 6 cubic inches (98322mm^3) of magnet 

The best I could come up with is $4.93 per cubic inch. Can you find a better unit price?


 Not sure as I haven't measured the volume, but this looks like a good deal; www.kaparts.co.uk, in the Category List on the left go down to Rare Earth Magnets and click, I got 18x 1mmx10mm magnets for £2.19... 

i would imagine this would be the best deal(s):

the shipping is free

 Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the best deal on that page is $7.61 per cubic inch.

Google the following:
29.18 USD / 100 / ( 2mm * pi * (.5 * 20mm)^2   )     in USD per cubic inch

Be sure to check the volume discounts.  Ordering 3+ of something you get much better prices.

Unitednuclear.com has good prices on QUALITY magnets - not just quantity.  

I feel that if you cut costs by shorting your spending - you'll end up with lower grade (or ungraded) magnets.

Volume discounts are generally good advice, but not so much in this case. Yes, a 100-pack of magnets is a better deal than 10 of the 10-packs. But many small magnets (almost) always seem to have a worse unit price than an equal volume of larger magnets.

As far as quality- In this exercise, I'm going for cheap, so am aware that grade and plating quality may suffer. As long as the magnets are not currently rusted to unusability (like those black spheres on the Dealextreme page) and the magnets aren't rejects that were never fully magnetized, I'm fine with lower quality.

I bought 100 of the 2cm x 2mm round ones - they're extremely powerful, but not very well made. 

As you say - the larger ones have less processing, less cutting (or molding), less buffing, less plating:  they of course will be cheaper by the larger unit :D