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Iskiate/Chia Fresca/ Chilly Chia help Answered

So im working my way through a couple pages of "Born to run" (Christopher McDougall), read it, and be inspired. Anyway, thers some short jibjab about a seemingly magical drink called Iskiate. "Home made Red-Bull" the recipe calls for "Chia" seeds. where can i get some real fresh chia seeds and a lagite recipe to boot


sounds about right, cant wait to get my hands on it, if any one has any questions let me know and ill try and awser em. does any one know how well it works or what?

Whole Foods has 'em. For larger amounts, look at amazon.

Easiest thing to do is get a wide-mouthed water bottle and put in 2 tablespoons chia seeds, lime juice, and water. Shake it for a little while to avoid clumping. The texture takes some getting used to.

Do you mean the texture after it sets for about 5 minutes? (they kind of gel up IIRC).

Yes, that's the texture. I've found that it's easier to drink with the lime juice.