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Itchy sunburn madness! Answered

 Since I live in northern Michigan, I pretty much hang out indoors for a majority of the year due to ''Frozen Winter Hell''.
It's been sunny these last couple of days, and I managed to bake my paper white skin :(
The only reason I'm able to even type this question is because this burn is located exclusively on my neck. Last year my itchy sunburn covered my whole back...it was like being stung by 10,000 killer bees for 3 straight days...my agonized screams certainly disturbed the neighbors.

I'm sure some of you have experienced the whole itchy sunburn madness...how have you dealt with it?

Oh, and I drew a picture of the sun for inspiration:


 Jeff-o is right I live in texas (but i dont burn) and i get the aloe spray stuff from walgreens and it usually soothes and cools also dont itch it and dont peel at it until it is ready but put ice on it and try not to move to much


8 years ago

Aloe, and a nice, cool shower for temporary relief.  There should also be numerous sunburn remedies at the drugstore.


8 years ago

iced tea w/o sugar, not to drink ! apply it with a rag and allow to sit on the burned area. I don't know why but it works

Seconding nickodemus' aloe vera, but if you don't have any aloe try ice water with a little white vinegar in it. Soak a towel in the water/vinegar and use as a compress.
A friend turned me on to this one a long time ago. I thought she was nuts, but it worked very well.

I'd recommend aloe vera. It's a common houseplant in my area, just break open part of the stem, then apply the insides to your burn. It seems to work for both stove-burns and sunburns. You can also buy aloe vera gel. It comes in a clear bottle, the gel is see through blue.
    If you won't be going outside for a while, don't wear a shirt, collars always bother my sunburns. Putting cold wet towels on the burn seems to help too. And lastly, don't scratch. It just makes everything worse.
   Hope that helps.


8 years ago

If you don't have something specifically made for sunburn pain, any topical ointment with benzocaine (Americaine spray is what seems to work well for me) will help. If nothing else, white vinegar will help but the best relief comes from a damp T-shirt. Just roll up an old T-shirt and wet it, wring out any excess water, wave it in the air a couple of seconds to cool down and drape it around your neck.
Next time you're in the drugstore, remember the the words SPF 40+

You gotta be more careful.  I know sometimes that you just don't realize how much you are really getting.  You don't have to tell me, I live in Texas.  Sunburn damage is cumulative.  Worse case fatal melanoma at 35 or at least wrinkly skin and looking way older than you  really are.  Probably not too important now but just wait a decade and see how you feel.

But back to your question. 

Believe it or not hot showers has helped me in the past.  I believe the initial pain causes a release of natural pain relief hormones for temporary help.

I've heard that vinegar is helpful for sunburn pain.

There are several sprays or creams that help short turn.

Good luck.