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It's Snowing In the Spring?! Answered

WTF?! It's snowing like CRAZY right now. IN THE SPRING?! It was warm yesterday! Global warming for ya.


WTF i just came home from school, and at lunch, i walked to 7/11 IN THE SNOW!!!! SERIOUSLY its almost april and its snowing in vancouver. this isnt natural.

actually global warming can cause cooling by melting the ice caps, and bringing cold water down to the continents

Then, why is the Earth's average tempature increasing? Anyway, this year is just a hard year according to cycles, from what I've read.

Global warming melts icecaps and glaciers, dumping freshwater into the sea. The change in density shuts off the "global conveyor", which expresses itself most visibly as the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream brings warmer water to Europe (especially the UK). If it switches off, we get a climate similar to Canada.

...then allowing the icecaps to re-freeze, turning the "global conveyor" back on, no?

I'm really curious about this...
Aren't you awaay?

Not entirely. See, ice melts faster when it is in water that is subject to the suns rayz, compared to when being directly on the ice only. So if the ice melts, there's more water, which makes it easier for more ice to melt. The Global Conveyor is also interesting. After the Ice Age of America/Canada, Canadas massive lake (can't remember, don't live anywhere near Canada or America) broke it's ice dam and fed very cold water into the conveyor near UK. Hot water comes up from Africa, evaporates near UK and gives you warm winds etc. But this cold water made all of that water cold, which stopped the warm winds. And that's how Europa got their Ice Age. Canada did it. Could it happen again? Yes. Greenland is melting. But that's another story.

So basically, they would refreeze, but it would be an Ice Age.

Only perhaps is Greenland melted enough than perhaps yes.

Yes, but my mother has wifi and I brought my laptop to catch up on some work.

It's really pretty interesting.

I was wondering that too...

not to mention temperature inversions when too much rain falls at once....

Where do you guys live? I live in eastern PA, and it's not snowing, but it is unusually cold. It was about 45 the whole day today =[

It snowed in summer a few hours away from me in a place that it never snows.

Apparently your snow decided to move to a different location and strike again! We've had snow since around eight this morning! It's now around two! You blew it at me, didn't you.

Weird, weird weather we're having. Is it still snowing today? Ours cleared up, and it feels like spring again.

It snowed here earlier and then it rained and now it's sunny O_o


10 years ago

Aww man- it's just getting nicer and nicer here in Arizona. A perfect cloudless 80 degree afternoon/evening today.

We had two inches of snow on Monday (it melted) and then again on Tuesday.

Being March, this is not unusual in the UK. What is unusual is the almost complete lack of snow in most of England for most of the Winter.

This morning when I woke up there was enough snow on the ground in our yard to cover up quite a bit of the grass. I mean seriously, this is how it should have been in December around here!!!!

In your state, it is not that surprising, is it ? I mean you are a wee bit further north than some of us are (here it is in the low 50's high 40's i.e. 49-51o F )

I actually have a friend from Michigan; his father was telling us about the day he graduated from a college in North Michigan, and it was snowing. In June.

I have seen flurries in May already. Michigan is nearly surrounded by lakes though (Great lakes) and the added moisture definitely effects the amount of precipitation.

You would think, but no. Like splintercell said, it's usually *kinda* warm. We've even started preparing the pool.

True, but In a normal year around here, it would be raining/ sunny. Normally it only snows 2-5 days total in a year around December. We've got a unique climate because of the ocean an mountains. It's never snowed this late before...

I remember it snowing one time in April, here in PA, but only once that I know of that amounted to anything. A few flurries now and then.....but mostly it is fairly decent this time of year here. Around my area, the mountain range runs east / west, and the ocean is not overly far off, but we get a little protection.

Now it's sunny. Huh. Today it hailed, rained, snowed, then went away. It's been a weird day.

Lucky! I miss my snow

I knew it! It was really cold this morning, but yesterday I was contemplating shorts!

I was in Maryland for a lax tournament, it was a light snow/hail type stuff. It was weird...and cold.

Yes, we do have that weirdness here too ... Last week I took my first sunbath of the year, and this week, my rhumatisms are back in my back. However, it must not be that new, because our elderies have a saying about that, which could be roughly translated to : Christmass on the balcony, Easter near the fireplace. And that was true : we got a warm winter ...

yea. it stinks. i had 2 feet of snow like only 2 weeks ago.