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Its Voting Day, Do YOU Know What Rank Your -Ible is In? Answered

Yes, its that time of contest season,
The birds are singing, robots rebooting, and excellence is in the air.
This is just a reminder to do your duty as a community member, and hopefully a spot in:



WHOOP 28th

I think I actually got 22nd for the bath bombs, which is totally amazing. Thanks everyone who voted for it, and thanks to Jessyratfink for featuring it!

Man!!! We didn't get our new sport entered in time. We were planning a nice game of "Taser the Fat Kid". I guess we'll have to wait for the mext contes!!

probaly last....

I MISSED IT!!!!!!! I missed the deadline to enter my foxtail volleyball ible!! Man!!

Adrian, things aren't working out for you in the 'contest' department..

Tell me about it! I keep missing the deadline by a day! :(

Commit time to the trio! You've been rather absent from it!

Sorry there's a lot going on at the moment, I'll get on for a bit here...

I was in the top 50 for a while, but I guess people just stopped voting. :(

Wow, gosh... a lot of ibles to rate. As far as the script goes, its able to cycle through the pages pretty efficiently, but the vote buttons don't work.


9 years ago

I have no idea where it's ranked. ;-) -If there's anything that needs voting, reply below.

I believe you shouldn't have put an ultimatum at the end of your post...

I'm nice like that ;-)

My pencil shooter does.

post a link, or I won't visit :P

*sigh* I can't even find mine.

last on my ible

15th for the plushie, 65th for barbie. Not bad at all. :)

My ible is number 5 i think.