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It's a race! Answered

Who will be the first to produce a Robot Toy instructable?




Or some other Instructabler who has yet to reveal their plans?


It'll be me MUHAHAHAA!!!! Provided I can get a figure sculpted...

I'm trying to make a D&D; monster and figure, can't figure out how to sculpt the 1 inch, sorry 3cm figure.

Try starting with an armature - make a wire stick-man in the pose you want, then stick pieces of clay to it to flesh it out to the size you want.

Is it clothed or armoured? Try making the clothing separately - thin sheets of clay, wrapped around the figure.

For sculpting tools, use needles, toothpicks, and the contents of your mother's manicure set. Keep them wet to stop the clay sticking to them.

Hey, it's amazing what you pick up while you're collecting kids that have been thrown out of art lessons (not my own kids, part of my job is occasionally dealing with "red card" incidents).

red card? sounds... consequential...

Phone calls home, half of lunchtime in detention, a step towards suspension... Consequential is right.

hmmm... sounds like dirty work. what do these kids do thats so bad?? dont you teach middle school??

you teach??? science right? does your school expell people for smoking pot?

er, no i dont teach. im 15 lol. and err.. i'm not sure if you could get kicked out for pot. never been interested in testing the system in that area :] why do you ask?

I think he was asking me, but missed.

1) okay. at our school, they caught 2 people smoking pot, but all they got was a suspension. 2) yeah, i missed. i had a chess game, and was running late. 3) a bit off topic, does anyone in montreal know where to get holy water?

does anyone in montreal know where to get holy water?

doesn't matter where you are, just get a pot of water and boil the hell outta it

okay, thanks. its cuz the place in my school where i play chess with my friend needs to be pressure washed with that stuff. if there were a cross in the room, it would probably be upside down.

the people in there are posesed!! they sing catholic songs, beat up little kids, hit each other with fake swords etc. they also play cars all day.

They don't need exorcised, they need to grow up!

holy water will help both processes.

... it was a joke. you know? holy water - boil the hell out of it?? HAHA. FUNNY. RIGHT??

i got it eventually. lol (id make a long laugh, but that would make me a nutter by kitemans definition.)

It varies - giving the teacher a bad attitude, swearing, refusing to work, throwing furniture, climbing out of windows ...

I teach middle (age 9-11) (for now, they all close in three years). It's a really poor area, and the kids learn to disrespect education at an early age (why should they do what we say when they don't do what their parents say?)

If a kid tried to smoke pot on site, we would call the police first, then County and then their parents. Instant Out. We had a kid turn up at school with a small bag of flour. He told his mates it was heroin, so we suspended him for two days.

We're harder than some other schools, but we have to be to keep the kids in line. Often, school is the only part of their lives with any boundaries and consequences, and many of them appreciate that.

Thank Spaghetti I'm homeschooled, I'd be kicked out in hours LOL.

homeschool? sucks to be you! you don't know what you're missing! high school is hardcore!


Er, I mean, golem?! What golem? I don't see a golem, do you?

That's it! Instead of being undead, it'll be a rouge golem!

What symbols do you put in a Robot golem's head?

How about the receipt for the clay? That would mean the golem owns itself, and is thus a free being.

(BTW, Firefox wants to change "golem" to "Ptolemy". Go figure.)

So today is my birthday and I am going to spend it sewing Robot and eating ice cream cake. :D I bought this gorgeous yellow fleece fabric yesterday, and various colors of felts. I'm excited. I just need to get a pattern going and I'll start. I'm trying to figure out if I want to attach the arms and legs using grommets or not. I might just sew them on...

So Robot has a very, uh, interesting body shape. I'm on take three. Keeps ending up too small or too large! :P

I've said it alsewhere, but, Happy Birthday

Subtly points Mr Ratfink at the Yellow Pages, already open at R for restaurant

Thank you twice!

And I think the girls he works with already had him going, but good of you to remind him! ;)

wait, alsewhere? haha!

er, yes, it's the ancient Anglosaxon spelling... er, a more culturally correct spelling.. ah, you got me!

I'm hoping to win. Because I'm awesome. I'm hoping to go pick out some colors soon. :D

your sewing, right? I'm going to be making one out of metal or plastic later, maybe you should talk to eric (and maybe I should talk t him later, too!) that your robot should be in the store!

Yep, sewing. I think I might just make a pattern when I feel good about how it looks. I'm going to try to do it mostly by hand, too, so people can easily replicate it. :)

I'd love to but I still can't get the hang of knitting or crochet. :(

Somebody's made a cross-stitched picture of him.

Is it legal to sell a product based on an open-source design, if you aren't the original creator? Obviously Instructables sells Robot stickers, patches, and T-shirts, but would it be legal for you to sell me a Robot plushie? Question #2: How much?

I can't find the comment right now, but I distinctly remember somebody important saying that you could do anything you wanted with the Robot image as long as you didn't do it for profit.

I don't remember anything about at cost, though.

as long as its not on ebay, it could be okay. can i have one too please?