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It's alive! Alive! Answered

I've been wanting to build a Stargate helmet for a very long time but there was no way I could spend the cash to sculpt one in clay and do a fiberglass casting in a silicone mold so I had to improvise by using cardstock, paper mache and foam. I really wasn't going for screen accuracy as this is intended to be a costume helmet instead of an accurate replica.

When I set out to build this I wanted it to be light weight, low cost and most importantly I wanted it to move. I still have quite a bit of work left to do- I still need to add the glowing eyes and do some filling, sanding and detail work plus paint. Watching it move for the first time was just awesome. :)


You announce this as a forum post?

Where's the instructable?? Even in this nominally-unfinished state, you're looking at a winner there!

I know, I know- I couldn't help it. I've been working on this for so long that I got super duper excited when it actually worked the way I planned. I'm writing the step by step right now. :)

Write quickly - the laser contest finishes on the 14th.

(I've got my big entry in)

I have to ask- did Kitewife actually see the smoking blender? I would be in big trouble...

Er... not exactly see the smoke, but she's demoted the blender to the shed, so it's OK.

That's not too bad- I remember when my boys decided to clean the fish tank by dumping the contents of the tank (sans fish thank goodness) down the kitchen disposal. KItchen disposal + gravel = new kitchen disposal. Then there was the time they tried to flush a candle down the toilet and cracked the toilet bowl...

It must have been a heck of a candle to crack the porcelain!

A heavy crystal snowball candle holder. I imagine when it first didn't go down they tried to force it. Then there was the time they thought it would be fun to stick a tree branch into the AC unit fan, quickly followed by packing mud into the furnace fresh air vent. They keep me on my toes! I've learned to keep them busy on crafts projects or having them help out in the garage. :)

Such .... active ... kiddies.

*cough* Duct tape them to the chairs *cough*

There are certainly times when I've been tempted- but no. Fortunately it appears they have moved out of the destructo phase and into the creative phase. They now desperately want to build a robot and they've even presented me with some designs of their own, which included a robotic dinosaur which my seven year old insisted be constructed of "heavy wood" and a tracked robot that would have tracks constructed of rubber bands with rocks glued on for traction. 

The other day my four year old walked into the garage with a rather large plank of wood and exclaimed "I have some wood- I will cut it!"

My wife just looks at me and says "You know where they get this- right?"

Time to sort them their own accounts...

too cool, thanks for sharing

That, sir, is a thing of beauty.


That's very cool! :D

Thanks! It's going to make for a great costume. It actually comfortable to wear and the vision out of it is really good.