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I'm cute - vote for me! Answered

...since I did any shameless self promotion.

But, then, it's been a while since I've had four entries in the same contest.

Count them - one, two, three, four. Actually, make that five!

Which do like best? Which are you going to vote for?

Go on, why don't you shamelessly promote your contest entries here as well?

Shameless only, remember, nothing subtle.


I'll comment here, "most of the joints are rolled paper", a nacho-ian slip I presume.

The best part is that the left hip really looks like a good old-fashioned fatty. Nice to know Kiteman's not the kind to bogart...

Er... yeah, exactly what do you mean? Oooooo, look, flashing colors on the electron scanning microscope...

...That's what I get for posting at 23:55, UK time.

Where ever you see my name just click VOTE, kthxbye

I see your name, but I only see a flag button...


You've done it again - this time you mention sex and link us to directly to your bed!

I am the most accidentally sexy lady that I know.

(Injures self severely, biting back flippantly-non-PC remark.)

It's a nice headboard, a cute headboard, but sexy? Only to the most hardcore bibliaphile!

I like books, but the relationship is platonic. Now powertools......

It just occured to me that I have an uncle who is east anglican, living in England. He lives off of his farm, and only works when he really needs it. He lives in a makeshift pipe of sorts. (I'm putting this here because your orangeboard has a disease or something).

Whoops - my fingers said something whilst my mind said another. I also forgot to add - his name is Mark as well.

Innit? 'Specially for them folks across the pond. Even the folks cross mah stock pond have a weird outlandish name~

>bangs head repeatedly into desk for missing entry deadline What could've possibly beaten a fifteen foot cardboard boat that DIDNT SINK???

Nothing to do with cardboard, just something to vote for in reciprocation ;-)