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It's weird, looking back after a few years. Answered

It's not really much of a secret that I haven't been an active member here for years now (I joined Oct of 2007). Honestly I'd be suprised if many of you still remembered me. Now that I'm heading off to college (Actually, I already started) it's a bit of a shock to read over some of the stuff I posted (especially the early stuff). I'm pretty thankful that all of you put up with me.

Look back over everything I posted, I'm a bit tempted to go back over my old instructables and fix up all the errors in them and such, and if I find time I might seriously consider doing that. Because ofcourse when i was ~14 I didn't really notice but some of those Instructables are a bit ugly. I'm a bit hesitent to just go and fix them up though. I think they may best be left the way they are, with all their numerious spelling and grammar mistakes, considering how long it's been now.

I also went and updated 'The Christians' group (First update in 4 years, woot!). I'm sure those other 87 members will be very glad lol, honestly I don't know if it's gained or lost members since I've been gone. I'd personally guess lost simply because it would probably be somewhat hard for anybody to find the group at this point (You'd have to search for the exact name, find it, and then join) and some of the old members might not even be on here anymore. Not really sure, but it needed an update anyway.

Most importantly though, I really wanted to thank everyone here at instructables that was here and talked to me and such back when I was still K'Nexing. I was ~14 at the time, could barely type (Infact, Instructables taught me how to type, When I joined Instructables I had almost no typing skills at all). Everyone here was kind, didn't hold grudges or get mad at me even though I was obvioiusly a little kid, younger them most of the regulars on here, and my typing skills and grammar were definitly not up to par. Reguarless, I really found a nice athmosphere here, and I'm very lucky I did. I was never a very social kid (The fact that I had, something like the 4 most comments out of every member on instructables one of the years I was here should be evidence of that.) and I'm still really not that sociable. I really don't know what I would have done with myself if it wasn't for me being on instructables.

Instructables literally shaped my life, and I'd go as far as credit Instructables as the reason why I'm now going into Computer Science and Engineering in college. It's all because one day I went through an Instructable on Windows Batch coding, and that led me to take a BASIC computer programming class at my highschool, and now here I am ~4 years later going into CSE with a full tuition scholarship. Honestly I wish there was more I could say, but really all there is to say is that Instructables really effected me at a key point in my life and really if it wasn't for Instructables chances are I wouldn't be where I am now.

On another note... Where'd all the orange go? All this white is hurting my eyes :P



Wow, time has gone by fast. I remember when you were active too, and TD's rivalry in the sidearm war. I kinda laugh remembering how oodammo sidearms just killed your little war.

Not in college yet, but I've moved on from ibles onto other hobbies. I'll be honest, knex has kind of fallen out of my list of things I like to do while bored. Mostly I'm on Youtube now making gaming montages. I still occasionally pop by KIchat, although its to talk with ooda about MTG.

I enjoyed reading your comment! Thanks so much for sharing here. Instructables is a positive place to hang! Congratulations on getting a scholarship. Last year my son finished up his college education. His instructable community was a book store a few blocks from our home. He spent a lot of time there and it made a difference in his life also. Kids need a positive place to hang during those crucial years. I wish you the best! Please share here ever so often, I am sure we all would like to see the wonderful places you have experienced! Hope your day shines!

This can appears as if you've done some sort of advanced work to yourself, and include a great large feel of exactly how someone would like to advance.
Congratulations, and best of luck on a college education!


5 years ago

Hay it's DSman. Didn't you live in Ohio? I think I asked if you wanted to go to a K'nex war once, but I could be thinking of somebody else.

Yes that was me you asked.

Do you still come on here regularly Mepain? And also, what's been happening with KI lately?


I don't knex too much, my interests have been gravitating in different directions for a while now. I don't know what crest is doing with KI, last I talked with him he said it'd be back up in no time.

Ah, that's how it's been for me too. Sometimes I get into it every now and then, and I enjoy working with them, but for the most part I'm focused on other things and don't have as much of a draw to go use them.

Gotcha. In the past years I'd go on there every once in a while and see what was going on, it was pretty dead in the past few months. I'd be sad to see it go either way.


I know you.


Hey, man. I remember first arriving here. You were a pretty cool friend and rival sometimes. =P The somewhat discrete competition between our sidearms was the most I can remember.
It's kind of sad, most people going into college. It's weird thinking about how long we'll all been here, how Instructables has actually made an impact on our lives just from being here for a good chunk of it. As slow as I am at building, I don't think I could give up on K'nexing ever. Now if only I could get some clever ideas for other projects.
Well, take care, man. Good luck in college. It's so much more enjoyable than high school, in my opinion.

Same, I definitely remember us talking and possibly arguing about the finer points of making K'Nex guns haha. And do you remember when we tried to make a collaboration of combining our sidearms? I don't think we ever actually posted it.

It is a bit weird honestly, that all the little kids that were on here making K'Nex guns are now either in high school or going off to college. And I hear ya, I never gave it up, just have a bit of trouble finding time for it.

Same to you, and I agree it is a lot better in high school.


I remember all we ended up doing was improving our own pistols separately. The funny thing is we could easily make "the perfect sidearm" that we talked about before, but it'd be obsolete in the face of Oodammo pistols. I'm kinda disappointed now, actually, that we never got see your have at an Oodammo pistol.

It makes me sad the community isn't the same. And it's hardly as active as it once was.

Yesh, much less homework, and no one really cares about social groups. Overall I find it much more pleasant.

Do you remember how we wanted IAC to kinda hype it up a bit by making a forum topic about it? It makes me laugh a bit thinking back about it. And true, I personally never really caught on to Oodammo. I've built a few pistols that used it, but I never really found it that much better then either plain rods or a grey connector with a green rod that one of my pistols used (I think it used that anyway, it was a while ago). Oodammo is/was pretty cool, but I just never really found it that useful to warrant me making my own gun with it. I'd consider going back and making and posting one now, but honestly I doubt it'd be much different then is already there and if I do post something new I'd rather it not just be a somewhat standard K'Nex pistol.

And it does make me sad too that the community is much less active, but it was going to happen sooner or later once people started running out of ideas for them. There has been a nice resurge of non-gun K'Nex instructables that are really cool though, you should take a look at them if you find time.

Ironic, I find there is tons more homework, but I don't mind it. And the fact that no one cares about social groups like in High School is definitely a plus.


I remember you (and someone even resurrected one of your old Forum topics, pun intended :-).

It sounds like you've done an outstanding job with yourself, and have an excellent sense of how you want to move forward.

Congratulations, and best of luck at college!

I have memories of you too. And they did? I have to say I'm unaware of what forum topic you mean, perhaps I just didn't notice though.

Thank you, and I hope so. I think Computer Science and Engineering is a good field to go into right now, there should be some good jobs for it once I graduate.



You suddenly miss the orange? Wow, you have been gone a while!

I remember you -welcome back, and make sure you stay in touch from college!

I'm almost afraid to ask when they switched from having orange everywhere to white, I'm guessing it probably wasn't long after I stopped coming regularly. I think a pro-orange movement needs to be started though.

I definitely remember you Kiteman -- How long have you been on Instructables now? I mean, I joined 5 years ago and when I joined I had always thought you had been here for a long time already at that point. It's very nice to see that you're still here. I don't predict that staying in touch should be a problem, now that I'm out of high school. I doubt I'll be on here as much as I was but I'm hoping to get back into it and post a few new instructables when I find the time.


Nearly seven years now! (about three hundred internet years!).

You've missed all the fun - today was my last day as Artist in Residence at Instructables - I've just spent an entire month at HQ!

Utterly awesome, but I have to fly back to the UK tomorrow...

Yes, I think that math is correct. So then I've been gone for aprox. 200 internet years? I was gone a bit longer then I had thought...

Unfair. I think that because I'm back you should push your plane ticket back for a month ;P

Is HQ still located in California? I remember they relocated at some point, but I can't remember to where. If so that's a pretty bad plane ride, the longest plane ride I've been on was probably 6 hours. I wish you the best, I'm sure it'll all go smoothly.


Yes, still in California, still in San Francisco (they were off 6th Street, now they're on 2nd). It was 16½ hours to get here, because we changed at Chicago, but the direct flight back is 10½ hours.

I should be packed, but that would mean I wouldn't have access to this netbook...

I'm really not a fan of air planes, I don't think I could do 16 and a half hours, or 10 and a half for that matter. Is that including time changes from the UK to California?

Netbooks, and laptops in general are small enough to fit into a carry-on though, so that shouldn't be a big deal.


No, that's hours-in-the-air.

(The netbook is going in my carry-on, but at the bottom of the bag...)

That's what I figured, that's a really long flight, but at least there is no change like when you came, there's just less that can go wrong in that case.

And well... how much other stuff are you talking with you in your carry-on?


Have you seen my recent projects?

I've published nine this last month, but only the penny maze and the tattoo stencil are going home with me. The others are either too big to fit in my luggage, are designed to stay here, or are easily reproduced in the UK.

Ah, I just took a look at them. Both of those are cool, and that wave generator has me intrigued.  Sadly though it's going on 12 and I have work tomorrow morning and then class, so I should get off to bed. I'll have to take a better look at all of those in the morning.

It was nice getting to talk to you again, take care on your flight, let me know how it goes!



5 years ago

Hey dsman, I don't know if you remember me but you were one of the big k'nex guys that I looked up to when I first joined Instructables. By the way I now understand when you took all that time off because of marching band and stuff as I'm currently playing tenors in the drumline in my 3rd year in marching band.

Of course, I definitely remember you. And really? I guess I was a bit to young to realize that anybody looked up to me, I mean I was probably 14 at the time.

And nice! I played Snare all 4 years. It's so much fun, but it really takes all your time.

Glad to hear from you again,


I was 12 when I first joined haha so you were old enough to look up to.

Really? I never realized, but then again I probably didn't really ponder what people's ages were back then.


Thanks for sharing your story! This is exactly the kind of positive impact I had in mind in starting Instructables.

Of course, I'm glad to see that it looks like Instructables has grown a considerable amount since I was last on here regularly. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's been affected by Instructables like this, honestly I wouldn't doubt it if some of the other K'Nexer's had a similar thing happen to them.


I remember you! Glad you are doing well. Good luck in school.

Glad to see you're still here and doing well yourself. And thanks, it's the second week of classes now and so far so good.


Dude. What an awesome story. Keep building in school, and we'll keep running contests if you can find the time to document your builds on the site that taught you to type.

The orange? This is a throwback for you, my friend.

You mean K'Nex? There have been K'Nex contests that were run by Instuctables?! This is news to me, I've been gone way to long obviously. I'll have to pull them out some time soon and see what I can come up with.

I also have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of your orange text.



5 years ago

Hi DSMan! I didn't recognize this avatar - the old ones are the versions I'm most familiar with.

Thanks for the update. It's really neat to see/hear what people get up to over time, and particularly to hear that Instructables was truly useful to you. I've always thought that building K'Nex guns were a likely marker of a future engineer, so I'll add you to my data set.

Keep checking in periodically to let us know how you're doing! And of course, post some more projects when you get the chance. Now that you're in college, you should have access to all sorts of neat tools!

Are you taking about the Instrucables Robot with the Zelda logo and sword? I made that one at least 6 years ago I'd say. I think I switched to this avatar around the time I stopped being able to come on all the time, so that's probably why you don't remember it. And I'd agree, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the other fellow K'Nexer's that were on here are going into other engineering fields.

And definitely. I believe my college has a fabrication lab somewhere that's free for any students to use, and I heard it has a 3D printer. I've been dying to get my hands on a 3D printer for some time now, so if that rumour is true hopefully I'll be able to make something pretty cool using it. Or just print out random shapes and mess with them, either one would be fun, though the later wouldn't make for a very exciting instructable, or an instructable at all for that matter.


I too miss the orange. when you wake up early and get on its very painful.

I know what you mean, usually in the morning I'll wait to look at my computer screen until my eyes have adjusted. But I'd recommend getting a program to turn your screen into a negative. I'm sure you could find a free program out there to do it and it makes everything tons easier to look at if the white is hurting your eyes.