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I've Noticed a Downfall in Chat Room Attendees Answered

I went on vacation on the 28th of June, prior to my leaving the chat room was teaming with thoughtful, and story-telling members, but as of my return on the 6th, there have been next to no one in the room except for a select few. I'm not sure what happened over my absence in time, but it must have been epic... just kinda wondering about it


The new chatroom is full...

I've never been able to find it... L

2 comments and this (no idea why)



. You may have been banned for not using your Ibles username as your chat room username. They're kinda picky about that. Just a guess. . There is at least one "private" chat room that was set up for the post-pubescence crowd. I haven't been there for a few weeks, but it was more relaxed and the mods weren't quite as enthusiastic. I don't have a link handy. :( If no one comes up with the link, PM me and I will try to track it down.

Don't fret Nacho and Lemonie! I'll PM the both of you.


9 years ago

a downfall in the chat? I didn't even know there was a chat on here? why isn't there a button at the top like the rest of the categories?

Well, atm, the chatroom is not ideal. Kinda of half hearted. We are working towards a better chatroom, but thats a way off, and has not set completion date.

I don't even know exactly... I think it's the fact that it's summer and people are off doing things and stuff.

that's what i thought, but people still seem to comment and post instructables...

Maybe because now it isn't as new seeming anymore

people can post comments in and around what there doing, not many are sat doing things infront of there comp - essentially if im making, i do it on the same desk as my comp.

I hope the bickering didn't run anybody off. There are a lot of shallow forums too (mixed in with some awesome ones), and that doesn't bring people back.

yeah, there was a "warning" epidemic and a "identity theft" situation, but other than that its mostly smiles hahhahahha

you dont say... Ive not had this problem...