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I've been banned! Answered

Want to read something really depressing?

Something that makes you fear for the future of America?

Something that should make you really angry?

Have a look at this website, especially their pages on evolution.

I have tried to do something about it, but they are wise to me - whether I try from home or school, no matter what fake ID I use, I now get told my IP has been banned from editing the site.

Maybe other members would like to have a stab at it?

(Update: I'm sorry, I seem to have upset another member by posting this. That was not my intent. It's just there's stuff on that site that is so brain-wrenchingly wrong it renders me speechless. (Me!) )

(Anothe update: Now they're re-writing the Bible because it is too liberal - they're getting rid of the forgiving bits, and emphasising the free-market parables...)


Why would you bother, and have you tried using proxies?


It's a matter of principal. Nobody should be allowed to peddle such lies.

Proxies? Hmmm...

Whose principal? I thought you were the principal troublemaker. :P

What's this I hear now? YOUR making trouble with the principals now??

With grammar like that, you're sure to attract more attention.

Honestly, I did not mean to spell Your as your (possessive), and rather meaning to convey you're (you are). I try to avoid that but I let it slip now and then ;-)

Ha ha, that's alright, just don't want another comment the size of the screen telling you off.


Yeah, someone that likes to write a lot doesn't have a punny bone in their body :-)

Hey man! I heard that! This comment about "someone" who likes to write a lot and doesn't appreciate puns. Yeah, you've got me figured out. And didn't anyone ever tell you that all generalizations are false?

All generalizations are false....yeah, generally ;-)

My punny bone's gettin' a a bit excited. Specifically.


Nobody should be allowed to peddle such lies.
I beg to differ.

I think you are speaking of a matter of principle, not principal.

This might seem pedantic. A mini-grammar lesson follows:

The noun "principle" is a word meaning a law or rule. For example pieces of cork float on water, and pieces of steel float on molten lead, due to the same physical principle.

When spoken of as something a person possesses, the word principle usually refers to moral rules, notions of right and wrong. Also when used in this sense it is sort of implied that having principles is the same thing as following them, and saying that a person "has principles", is "principled", is the same thing as saying that person is moral, is a good person, makes the right moral choices, etc.

The word "principal" is a sort of a synonym for "main", or "that which is important". The principal of a elementary school is the principal person, or "main" person. The principal of a loan is the "main" lump of debt/money, as contrasted with smaller, related lumps, such as interest or individual payments.

You might be tempted to think "principal" is the correct word for your thought, since we are talking about something important; i.e the main part of the matter is the "principal part" of the matter. However, I think the word used here should be "principle", since it has more to do with morality and rules, and it answers the question better.

I.e. Why can't you just leave the fundies alone? Because you have a rule that says you can't, because you have a moral "principle" that says this would be wrong.

BTW, I apologize for contributing nothing interesting to the discussion besides grammar. I would have done the same if you mixed up the words "shopping aisle" and "shopping isle".

-_- I'm certain it was a typo - the man is a headmaster of a school. :P

Just Head of Year - pastoral responsibilities for around 150 12-13 years olds.

So many pubescent hormones, the floors are slippery with them...

Hrm. I find the use of "pastoral" rather interesting/endearing. Like you're shepherding sheep.

Angsty sheep.

But what if you lose one? Do you leave the 99 to go searching? :D

I have spent time wandering the streets looking for runaways...

Like the same pastoral role as a religious Pastor, guiding the flock towards ways that are right and away from trouble. I see the the irony. Perhaps the secular educational system is just a competing form of religion?

How 'bout that? I'm giving a English/spelling lesson to a veteran (of the educational system).

I meant no disrepect Sir. It's just that "principle" might be one of my favorite words, and I hate to see my favorite words misused. I'm also kind of protective of the words "literal" and "literally", but that's a story for another time.

BTW, for readers in the Former U.S., like myself, who have never heard the phrase "Head of Year", I'm wondering, is the link below an approximately good description?

From these pages I'm also guessing the UK equivalent of a "principal" is called "Head Teacher"?

Oh, he still needs spelling lessons. He refuses to spell certain words right (ie, humor, color, gray, etc). :P

Like the school system that teaches the thanksgiving myth (there are many myths inside that one, still taught in schools), the Plymouth Rock myth, that Judaism borrowed monotheism from Akhenaten, that 300 Spartans defended Greece from Persia at Thermopylae (it was more like 4,000), feminists bra burning, and even the myth about the origin of such sayings as "It's raining cats and dogs" coming from the animals hiding in thatched roofs, all of them and thousands upon thousands more found in books and films, many of them used to teach with.

I am not advocating teaching falsehoods, but I am wondering if we can, rather than turn into a society as described in Fahrenheit 451, teach truths and remove falsehoods by replacing them with a greater number of educated persons. Just my opinion. . .

A lie will run round the world before the truth has got its boots on. While I'd love to live in a world where the fact that Conservapedia is a thinly-veiled propaganda site masquerading as a reference work is obvious to everyone, while peanuts still say "Warning: may contain nuts" and toothpicks have instructions for use I don't think that's going to happen.

The existence of Conservapedia doesn't bother me much, there are worse factual resources on the internet. It's the fact that it appears to be used as a primary tool for the education of children that really gets to me. It's all very well for us to say "Ho ho ho they think (absurdities here)" having had the benefit of a largely impartial and factual education, but if that site was your primary information resource as a child I shudder to think what would happen to your world view. It's one step away from Westboro Baptist Church in terms of potentially dangerous fundamentalist brainwashing.

tl;dr- won't somebody please think of the children

There is only one thing better then a child raised to think for themselves, and that is an adult that does think for him/her self, despite his or her upbringing ;-)

An updated quote: Fool me once (as a child) shame on you, fool me twice (as an adult), shame on me.

I thought it was "Fool me once... er...you can't fool me again"...? L

Fool me once, shame ... shame on ... you. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again!

Quote courtesy of Dyslexicon

Thank you for correcting that quote. Not quite the same as "Four score years..." but who knows on "memorable" (in this day and age)... L

You're not going to make much difference. This is why Jesus hasn't returned yet - still trying to figure-out how to deal with people like this.... "Come on son you've been putting this off for too long now - go sort 'em out." "But they're morons, it won't do a bit of good, I can't do a press-conference with cretins like that. How about some smiting please?"...


Something that makes you fear for the future of America?

Not really, Its actually the opposite.

Inside a monarchy, it might make one fear.... ;-)

Oh dear, the opening paragraph of "God". God is the sovereign creator and eternal ruler of all things and beings that exist, whether in the physical universe or in the spiritual realm (Heaven). Not only is God the creator and ruler of the things and beings within those two realms, but he is also the creator of the realms themselves. God created the physical universe, and before he acted in this creation, the universe did not exist. Likewise God did with the spiritual realm.

Wheres the part about the 7 days thing? that should be in there, right at the the top of that pile of steaming, egocentric babble.

NOOO!! Another blatant perversion/corruption of widely accepted scientific truth!

Once I got to this picture and the part where they're all like, "Hey, Hilter believed in the weak being weeded out, and that's kinda like this whole evolution thing we don't really understand, and he was a bad man, you know, so you shouldn't believe in anything he believed in" I stopped scanning.

My brain is having problems following their logic.