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I've been here... Answered

since almost the beginning of this website (I think), so shouldn't my seniority automatically make me pro? I'm only asking now because I don't have the money to pay for it, as I only make $95 an month, and it has to be spent on more important things like food.



It's weird to expect a free membership and your time line is incorrect, but if you still need a membership, drop me a note and I'll send you a code. I have more than I need and would be happy to share with someone who doesn't have the luxury of spare time and money.

Take care!

i've been on here for seven or eight years but my account keeps disappearing, and I would love to have the money to make something but it's all owed out (bills and what-not)even the free stuff i can't do because no computer, camera, or internet i get online 30 minutes a week and that's it..that and either the good ideas are done or I lack the physical and mental capacity to do one as i suffer from full body tourette syndrome, not really suffer per-say, its just it's hard to do anything when i tic every few minutes

The first instructable was published a bit less than six years ago. Sorry about your circumstances.


I'm more than a year previous to you.
Mind you, I do get free Pro memberships by making things and posting content.
Why don't you show us something before asking this sort of thing?


I pre-date you by two years.

I paid for my first pro membership, then earned more through featured projects and contest prizes.

Maybe, if you start contributing to the site, you might earn something back?

Times are tough. Sorry to hear you are in a situation but there is no such thing as a free lunch. I would think any benefactor would have to take into account one's contributions and deem worthiness. Try to win a membership like I did. Good luck.