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Jack Daniels Contest Answered

Greetings:  This is my first contest entry using Instructables. I made the video, followed all of the instructions, received a confirmation email from Instructables...but my video didn't make it to the contest entry.  I've received nothing from Jack Daniels.  If I did something wrong I would of corrected it.  The entry period has closed so I'm out of luck I'm sure.  Does anyone have a email address for answers from this contest?  Many thanks. JMarling1@hotmail.com


AFAIK all contest entries are moderated and over the long weekend they may not have had the staff available to add more entries to the list. They will however go by the 'published date', so even though the contest is closed, they will add all the qualified entries as soon as they can get to them all. There is usually additional voting time after the contest closes to allow everyone to see all the entries.

Oh btw, please edit your topic and remove your email to avoid any spamming. :-)

+1 to all above comments, except that the JD contest is being judged off-site, not by members.