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Japanese tyre ski-jumping Answered

Having seen a few good videos contributed by fungus I thought I'd add this one:

What happens when you roll tyres down a ski-jump?
How fast do they go, how far do they get?



A little heavy for the jump, that last one was. :-)

i loved it. you know whats weird i don't know Japanese and yet its like i under stood them i kept hearing truck or sports car

Sometimes English words are incorporated by other languages (just like we do: restaurant, etc). So maybe they don't have an exact translation for sports car.

I heard it too, BTW.

The PA Dutch are famous for this. Speaking a somewhat corrupted form of German, I have over hear this a few times: Ich schlagt du im der head ! (I will hit you in the head !) :-)

Wow! The last tire was awsome it broke the ramp yet still got 41m.


Sometimes Japanese TV is just so good (not very often, admittedly).

So, now, I can say "metre" in Japanese ---> metsuru I think I'm ready to go to Japan now.

Thats halarious!! (how do you spell halarous?)

Hilarious When it came to the big one I did think about a small Japanese person squidged inside it... L

Oh man, that last tire was great.

imagine seeing that last one coming at you. why can't america do anythng like this?