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Scripting, PHP, Html and such.....For Dummies!! Answered

I noticed from when Eric made a post about internship in 2006, that many people have experience in scripting and such. But I also noticed how many people would like to learn, but all the big words keep them at an emotional distance.

I was thinking that maybe some pros could de-mystify all them big terms for the people who might be interested in this. Mainly, Could people please post resources that could be useful to people who are interested in learning this. Or maybe some Instructables?

I think that if you could simplify these to the very basics, for nth9 graders with very basic knowledge, they would have a great advantage in the future.

Here are some resources I found could be very useful to complete beginners:

P.S. I Include myself in the group that wants to learn but is scared of all the big words


Is this site any good?


Loads of free web building tutorials, our ICT department sometimes uses it as a reference that pupils can access at home.

Wow this is exactly what (I'm) looking for. Thank you so much Kiteman!

Wow Its great!!!! This is what I mean!!!!!


10 years ago

You might want to look at something like Processing, which is basically C/C++ with reduced documentation to help non-programmers be able to get a grasp on things and do "useful" things without being exposed to the more mysterious bits.


This is the textbook I used this year for C++. It was a really great textbook, and I learned a lot about c++.

You might be able to find a copy online some where.

I heard about a book from O'Reilly that has the meanings of a lot of terms. What book is it? I tried searching but I'm not sure If I found it.