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Jayne's Hat Answered

So i want to make a hat like what Jayne Recieves from his mom in the show Firefly. If anyone has seen or is in love with this show, it is something that a guy would want to make.
I do a lot of sewing, but have only knit once (a while ago) and am willing to learn to Crotchet.
If anyone could check out the hat and provide some opinions on which is best (knit versus crochet), patterns, hints, or maybe post an instructable that would be incredible. There are some places where you can buy them (namely Etsy), but i find more joy in making it.
Any takers?


Even though it looks like you already have your answers, I have to say once you get that hat made, you have to put up an Instructable. I think his hat is awesome and would love to see how you make it.

The ear flaps also look like they could be made either in the round (like socks) or in a flat piece and then sewn up to make them double thickness.

It's definitely knit.

The ear-flaps look like they were made separately and sewn on. I'll ask Kitewife about it when she gets in from work.



The hat part looks like your basic knit-1, pearl-1 pattern topped with a pom-pom. The ear flaps look like they were also K1, P1 and then tapered down by reducing stitches as the last rows were knitted.

I'm sorry I don't have the time to experiment & write the pattern. My knitting pretty much stopped when I acquired helper cats and lost access to public transportation.

Nice to know there are other fans of the show out there.

Kitewife thinks it's K1, P1 for the darker sections, and stocking stitch for the pale section ("stocking stitch" is "knit a row, purl a row"). A pretty standard hat pattern.

It's knitted in something fairly thick, and with a fairly low tension.

She says.

Kitewife is most probably right. K1P1 is pretty standard for ribbing. I thought the earflaps might be knit a row, purl a row but it was difficult to tell from just a picture. It was clearer once I remembered the "ctrl +" command for enlarging the screen image.

Wouldn't mind a Jayne hat, make a good Halloween costume :D

Can you give a link to a picture?

This is the ACTUAL Jayne with his ACTUAL hat.


If you search Jayne's Hat in google, you will see namely people's interpretation of it.

Here is a youtube clip of the hat in question. Thank you for Responding!!!