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Jb weld-bulletproof-suit? Answered

JB weld, the gooey-at-first,tough-as-rock-later-on stuff we use to fix all kinds of stuff, from broken chairs to unsightly holes- the number of possibilities are endless.  So, is it possible for large amounts of Jb weld to be casted into a bulletproof suit that can actually save lives?


Test it, a lá Mythbusters - make a number of breast-plates of JB weld, and shoot them with weapons of ever-increasing destructive power.

Post the whole thing - make, test, results - as a mega-ible.

Include a video of the shootings via YouTube, and you'd have views coming out of your wazoo.

I wish I could... I live in Singapore and unlike in USA, Guns are prohibited. So if I can't test it, I hope someone would... :P

Bows and arrows?




Nah, it won't really do as much damage as the good ol bullet. Anyways, in singapore bows and arrows and catapults are banned too. =P Singapore is quite a restricting country

Cool, you will look like the Thing from Fantastic Four.

All he'd need is a can of orange paint!


7 years ago

You should try it and report back...

As others have said, it's massively unlikely to work for several reasons related to both the materials and the kinetics of the situation -- but sure, go ahead and test it. As long as nobody is in it when you test it, and you test it in a suitable range where riccocets and misses and shards of failed armor being splattered around won't injure anyone, you won't waste much more than time and money...

Many years ago, before bulletproof vests were commonly available, one stage performer toured the country demonstrating his bulletproof coat. It was actually a remarkably simple design, and it worked.... mostly. It was only a matter of time before a bullet found one of the thin points and killed him.

*troll of the year award *

I doubt that you would want to wear a bulletproof suit make of jb weld. The thickness would have to be several inches maybe more than a foot.

I don't think jb weld is meant for high energy impact loads.

Besides a good bulletproof suit works differently than just a shield.  It works by absorbing energy by catching the bullet and dissipating that energy over a large area of skin.  It hurts to get shot with a bp vest on.  Huge bruise and often broken ribs.

Viet Nam era helicopter pilots were supposed to wear a ceramic plate that covered their torso.  Most didn't cause it weighed a ton and was uncomfortable.  When a bullet struck the plate too much energy was applied to their body.  Most just stuffed it behind or under their seat for some protection.

On reflection - I doubt it. Why not go for the suit of armour route.