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Jet Engine Problems? Answered

I have been building a mini Jet Engine.  I have a VERY STRONG electric fan for the compressor.  Outer shell is made of sheet metal.  The fuel I have been trying to use is gasoline.  The intake is about 2.5 inches across and about 3 inches in it begins to close up to about 0.6 inch diameter where the air is compressed and mixed with fuel before being burnt.  The problem is that its starts but it explodes.  Is it too much fuel, to much compression from the compressor, to small of a diameter for the combustion chamber and exhaust or something else completely? 

Haven't done much with jet before so any help would be appreciated.



OK, any help would be good now.  I got it working but it melted 10 seconds into the first test.  It was too much fuel why it wasn't working before, but I got it tuned down perfectly.  It produced alot of power but it still melted and died...looked cool though.  It wasn't a failure, it was a learning experience and proof of theory. 

Like I say above though, any help on materials, fuels, overall construction would be nice now. 


I hope you know that an electric fan is no where near a compressor. Electric fans need input, and can rarely compress air. You're blowing air and fuel and igniting it. That's more of a flamethrower, NOT a jet engine.