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Jewelry - Salvaged Barbie Doll Parts Answered

This is one of the more unique re-purposed jewelry ideas that I have seen.  At first I thought the faces and body parts were photos or maybe paintings.   However, the interesting and comical compositions are created using Barbie parts!

The Plastic Body Series designed by Margaux Lange is a jewelry line that combines salvaged Barbie doll parts with sterling silver and pigmented resins.

You actually HAVE to check out this link; I am so amused by this!


This is so Awesome and weird! Luvz It!

Slaughtered barbies cut apart and made into gruesome ornaments (some kinda mayan jewelry?) I love it.

I love barbie things (i'm so girly) but i wouldn't use this ^^u it's creepy, but to be positive, it's original.... and get away from my dolls XD.

These are dismembered, shackled women's hands. And ... um .... in the interest of being, "positive and constructive ..." I suppose I'll just have to say: There is obviously talent behind this, but the piece's statement is creepy.

Maybe those are cocktail rings and the shackles symbolize lost time in women's lives in pursuit of sex and the city fantasies that ultimately bind them to a debilitating dependence on the alcoholic drinks they carry around in those hands and ultimately chain them to the toxic relationships they build centered on drinking habits. The severed hands are symbolic of the loss of identity people experience when material possessions like jewelry and shallow relationships rob them of their entire person-hood. ...self imposed dismemberment and shackling is so sad.

...oh wait, I think it's just jewelry made from doll parts. I was totally looking at it wrong and it took a minute for me to understand the "real" meaning. ;)

Creepy! All of the hands have wedding rings on them.

LOL, yeah I totally remember when I proposed that time with a giant blue plastic triangle. I was shocked when the girl said no. :)

Yes, I think that was done on purpose :-)

That's part of the point. The whole Barbie concept is more or less creepy, this just makes it that much more explicit.

I'm wondering what was going on for someone to come up with something like this. I do like the second on though.


7 years ago

As usual, Ken had nothing to offer.

Isn't Ken the coffee mug in the second picture?

the third and fourth one look really scary if youve been watching too many horrors like me.... either way good ideas (:

The artist must be really handy in order to have made that fourth one!

The second one is an aesthetic slap in the face.

I don't think they see eye to eye on the first one.