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Jig-A-Patch Spray Spackle Review Answered

The makers of Jig-A-Patch sprayable spackling drywall filler sent us a can of their product, and asked someone from Instructables to review it. Over the weekend, I smashed a wall carrying something up the stairs, and had the opportunity to try it out.

The packaging is pretty cool, but the spackle itself is too liquid, and flows too easily. After spraying on enough to fill the hole, smoothing it flat, and removing excess, it still tended to flow out of the gash leaving a dimple. After letting it dry, I had to put on another coat of regular spackle, which worked perfectly.

I'll stick with regular spackle for now.


C'mon Eric you didn't shake it, for the stated time in the instructions did you? LoL, sorry just had to. My dog eats through about everything. The amount of bog/spackle I have gone through is amazing. Since I found it to be proportionally cheaper, I now use expanding foam to fill all my cracks/holes/dents. Works fanatastic for me.

At least you bigged up their normal stuff!

lol, they'll never ask for your review again! jk, I'd be a little weary of spraying something that was suppose to take place of a solid in my house...

It's true they probably won't ask me for another review, but I'd prefer to be honest and ensure you guys trust me!

What about that expanding foam? I'm looking at the second to last picture, and Jig-a-Patch didn't even fill in the texture on the wall...

Yeah, sounds like a product I sampled recently for "filling cracks" in drywall or plaster walls. First off, it is pink, and secondly, a bit too runny. After 3 coats (letting each dry) the crack was finally filled. Much too time consuming.