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Job - Silence your neighbour Answered

I want someone who can actually create the setup described here - lifehacker.com/5852903/silence-noisy-neighbors-by-transmitting-signals-through-their-own-speakers. 

My neighbour is very noisy and they don't decrease it no matter what. If someone can build the setup or come with their plan to achieve the goal, I can pay whatever you demand. 

My neighbour has 3 loudspeakers and 2 big-box speakers. He uses an amplifier with a CD in it. He also uses few mics sometimes for his band to sing. they sometime sing for 24 straight hours. 

Please help and advice.

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VikasS6 (author)2015-04-11

Thanks for your input but you should understand that its India we are talking about. Police doesn't care and the laws RF don't apply. So, please somebody please give me a solution.

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Kiteman (author)VikasS62015-04-12

I'm afraid there *are* laws about RF broadcasting in India:


You even have a dedicated Ministry - you might find one of these phone numbers useful: http://mib.nic.in/ShowDocs.aspx

See also: http://indiatogether.org/uploads/document/document...

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VikasS6 (author)Kiteman2015-04-13

Imagine some continuously making noise for 24 continuous hours and 3 hours on a regular basis. My pain is unbearable in this situation, either we have to sell the house or fight back. Our options are - report it to authority which I can say with confidence that won't work (previous owners had same issue, they reported to top officials) OR do something magical with sound, only to make them turn the noise down.

Now tell me, am I wrong to choose the second option here?

If someone can help me, I am ready to pay you handsomely. Please!

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Downunder35m (author)2015-04-11

In theory this can work, although your antenna needs to be qithin a few meters of the amp.
Downside is that you violate basically all CB and RF rules by doing so.
It would be easier to call the cops on your neighbours before they call the cops on you for planting an antenna in the garden ;)

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caitlinsdad (author)2015-04-11

It would be easier to call the police and complain.

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