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Jobs to make things? Answered

im 15 and looking will be looking for a job for the winter, i want to go somewhere that makes stuff but im not sure where to go... i also want to get skills out of the job... i want to be making stuff not going to peoples houses and mending things.. i live in quite a small town so my options are limited... i love the idea of restoration but there's nothing near me, maybe like blacksmith or wood carvings?


In the US, you must be 16 and have working papers signed by your parents and your family physician in most states, to be able to work. You can try to work for an artisan nearby or another arts and crafts people. Maybe with your parents permission you can offer to help a tradesperson (carpenter, cabinet maker, wood mill, farmer, etc,). You can also volunteer for an organization that works locally to help the community. You may not get paid but you might acquire valuable experience. Remember that in real life we sometimes don't have much choice in what we do to make a living. We need to learn to follow instructions from a boss. In this economy we don't pick and chose simply because we want to be able to learn in our job.


5 years ago

When I was young I made wood clocks and fly-fishing flies for $.

In 8th grade woodshop class, I got plans for simple clocks. Two stores in my area would stock a few clock and pay me if one sold (I think $20 per clock).  The stores specialized in local crafts and local artisans.

The local fishing store would buy fly-fishing flies from me: 4 / $5 (basic flies, not complicated). Unfortunately many flies are now made in other countries. Probably possible to sell special "local" patterns, however.

Along these lines, maybe you can assist a local builder / crafter / artist? As an ~apprentice, you could learn a lot. I imagine the pay would be negotiated like a lawn-moving or snow-shoveling job. If you have an interest that aligns with your area's opportunities, might be a good deal.

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5 years ago

Start on your own. Look here for blacksmith and wood carving ideas.

Not having any idea where you live, have you tried something as simple as browsing through the phonebook for jobs you might fancy, then sending that company a proper letter, explaining what you want to do, what you want to get out of it, describing what would make you right for the job, and then requesting the opportunity of a face-to-face interview?