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Jobs? Answered

Hey everyone...what's up... I was wondering about a few things, I found instructables about a year ago through readymade magazine and website, I love creative things like this. Except I'm not so creative. I kind of come to this website to cheat, I just make things people have posted and show you how to make, lol. Anyways, I'm 20 years old, live in Kansas, and I'm going to school currently to get my degree in Entrepreneurship, I couldn't think of anything more exciting. I'm in the process of a business startup involving a t-shirt line, and even if it doesn't work out in the end, I'd love to have my own business one day.... Which brings me to my question, where do all of you amazing DIYers work? Boring places, just to pay the bills, or somewhere cool where your DIY skills got you the hook up?


For money, I teach. For fun, I Make. To releave stress, i hunt YECs and stomp all over their beliefs.

We should go hunting together some time.
I'll bring my Stoning cap. made of stones

I thought we made a pretty good job on the recent miscreants.

Lol, yeah, what with DGM and CiCrow thinking this is a place for debate.

You live in Kansas? What part? Entrepreneurship sounds like it could be Washburn, i.e. Topeka.... Oh, and I mow lawns and do other odd jobs like that, in addition to occasionally getting paid to do tech work at school-if a performance is not specifically school-related, we have to be paid by the hour.

I'm in a small town called Valley Center, which is about 10-15 minutes from Wichita, So I was planning on attending WSU, Barton school of Business is pretty amazing there, in the top 290 schools I hear, but Topeka has been crossing my mind, I might be moving there next year, for a change. I don't know, I'm struggling! That's part of the reason I made this post. It seems like creative, fun things can hardly ever pay the bills :(

Boring place, just to almost pay the bills. I've had several opportunities to make a bit of real money with DIY skills, but none of them provided health insurance;-(

Student. Looking for some way to make money, but don't want a real job


9 years ago

Software engineer. My DIY skills probably didn't get me the job, but they got me the enquiring mind that let me make it through school science education with my sanity intact until it started getting interesting, leading to going to university and getting a nice employable degree in Computer Science.

I am a full time high school student. Not to mention NGB Enterprises on the side. I sell varying electronics kits to science companies.

. Retired. . I guess my main job nowadays is quibbling with Kiteman. heehee

Currently gainfully unemployed as a student, half heartedly looking for an internship, former teacher.