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Joe O---Easter Island Granite Resin Head Statue? Answered

  • Durable and realistic looking resin construction
  • Measures 27 in. H X 14 in. W 15 in. L
  • Realistic granite color
  • Features convenient fill-hole at the base to allow for sand filling, adding more stability This is a pretty good size statue, that's why I'm sending the measurements. How would you fill? Placing the head upside down, but the weight will increase as i fill. (dig a hole and place in side)? This will be heavy and hard to steal.
  • Need your recommendation.
  • Thank you,

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    mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-04-03

    If your shape allows, it's best to cast with the shallowest dimension downward, thereby distributing the weight of the concrete. Alternatively, you can create a very robust frame for the casting, then make a mold to make the shape. Here's a link to a mold making class that could be helpful to use in conjunction with this class.

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    jortizjrbsa (author)mikeasaurus2017-04-12

    Ill try placing face down at a 60 Degree tilt, then cut the back of the mold to make additional copy's.

    I just completed the concrete face lift on my other Easter Island head that is made from a plaster mold.

    It was pitted really bad. I filled the inside with plaster to save from breaking. The concrete is placed and it should be ready for the back side this weekend. When i complete that phase Ill paint it.

    Thank you for all the lessons and pictures for step by step proceedures.

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