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"Joule Thief" LED Night Light Kit & PCB Answered

UPDATE: Everything is shipping now.

My instructable is here: "Joule Thief" LED Night Light 
Check out the new color changing Joule Thief!

Pricing is $10.50 for the kit.

Kit 5 Pack
Save by ordering 5 packs for $39!

Pricing is $4.50 for the PCB.

Shipping is $5 for USA, $17 for the rest of the world.

*** NOTE: The color of the PCB will be green instead of purple shown in some of the pictures. ***

To order, please go to my site - http://www.theledart.com/blog/archives/259. Click on "Add to cart" button and check out via PayPal.

Please send messages or leave comments here if you have questions.



How many would I need to power my house?

Wish I could buy one, but I'm way broke.

This kit is doing well, but I still have a few in stock!


Hi LEDArtist,

I would just like to confirm the pricing before I send the money via paypal as I will have to use somebody elses Credit card. I am ordering two complete kits for delivery to South Africa so according to the posted amounts above that will give me

2 x complete kits @ $10.50 = $21.00
1 x Shipping @ $13.50 = $13.50

Total therefore should be $34.50 ?? I only ask as it is unclear if the "regardless of quantity" applies to all international shipping or just Canada.

Thanks in advance. As soon as I have the answer I will be ordering.

BTW, you will still get the pre-order pricing of $9.50 /kit til the end of this week.

You are correct on the shipping charge. $13.50 covers as many as 15 kits or more! (as many as I can stuff in a small box)