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June is "I Made It" Challenge Month! Win a Pro Membership! Answered

Attention! This contest has ended. Thanks to all the winners and to all the people who make projects off of the site!

June is "I Made It" Challenge Month!

Every day in June, Instructables is giving away a 3 month pro membership to one lucky user who has made the project described in an Instructable, and posted a photo of their version in the comments or someone who has posted a slideshow of their version of an Instructable.

Because authors love to see their creations given new life!  There's nothing better than seeing how someone else followed your Instructable and made something awesome.  And if you try out a project, this is a great way to share what worked for you, and what work-arounds or changes you made.  Instructables is all about sharing your knowledge, so we'd like to reward you for taking the extra effort to show everyone what you've done.

How do I win?
It's easy - we randomly pick one winner each day from "I Made It" comments left on original Instructables or slideshows posted around the site.
Have you already posted your version of an Instructable in comments or in a slideshow?  Have you seen some really great examples someone else has posted?  Link it here to be sure we've got it on our list!  The challenge starts on June 1, so if you haven't already left an "I Made It!" comment or posted a slideshow, you've got more than a full month to make something from the site.  Linking to your version here isn't necessary, but means we won't accidentally miss it.

I'll randomly pick one winner each day, and post the link here for you to check out.  If you win, we'll send your coupon via PM within a couple of days.

Good luck and happy "I Made It" Challenge Month!


June 1st: Nickodemus for Make a Tree from Jewelry Wire
June 2nd: EVM for Personalized Guess Who
June 3rd: jmeowmeow for Checkpoint Charlie Hat
June 4th: Geekmandude for Pocket Drunken Robot
June 5th: warrnie7 for 5-minute Chocolate Cake
June 6th: Mary GaGo for How to Create a Money Lei
June 7th: Timothymh for Genuine chainmaille from pop tabs
June 8th: HarreBar for Twisted Spoke Bicycle Wheel Lacing
June 9th: Thoraxe for Quality Duct Tape Wallet
June 10th: Owl Box  for Treadmill Desk
June 11th: rillianswillow for Sew A Where The Wild Things Are Hat
June 12th: andydrumer12  for Invisible Book Shelf
June 13th: shobley for Twitter Mood Light
June 14th: Kirbsome! for LED Throwies
June 15th: shadowman2 for Marshmallow Gun
June 16th: janamorrisova for TuTu Crazy
June 17th: Hoaxinmi for Liquor Lamp
June 18th: Loox for Harry Potter Wands
June 19th: garette10 for Harry Potter Wands
June 20th: violetkitty for Harry Potter Wands
June 21st: dsaavedra for How to make playdough
June 22nd: Quazakafor for USB Hard Drive
June 23rd: Tyman210 for  Circuit Board Wallet
June 24th: Laxap for Fur Your Laptop
June 25th: Jumbo Ninja for Cupcake Cones
June 26th: NerdofSteel for 12v Battery Hack
June 27th: nemaster203 for NES PC
June 28th: bell017 for Bean Bag Sofa
June 29th: fastback570 for Bike Painting Tips
June 30th: Hivoltage for Concrete Countertops



I didn't even know about this until i was told i won, this is awesome!

I was on the site a few days ago and noticed comments about people winning some June contest, not really knowing anything about it. I just got an email today saying I won for something I posted back in march. Completely unexpected, but awesome!

Same here! just got mine! thanks alot people of instructables!

June's almost over, will this be an annual event? {crossed fingers}

yaaaay https://www.instructables.com/id/Origami-Rose-in-Bloom-Part-1/

Definitely lost in translation.

How to Make a Child's Poncho - 8 Quick and Easy Steps: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Crochet-a-Childs-Poncho-8-Quick-and-Easy/

Girls Crochet Poncho 004.jpg

8 years ago

 Here's my floppy disk messenger bag. This picture was taken at Maker Faire '09:


Oh oh oh... I'll send a digital patch to the first person who makes one of mine!

That's a good idea - seconded.

I just did!
I predicted the weather this morning with clouds, and you know what? It was spot on!!!

blue sky.jpg

The second my pack of top trumps arrives I could do this.

Wouldn't you need two decks?

Yes, you would -go, buy another deck...

i made on of your dollar harp tings but mine used my old phone card

I made a pocket drunken robot, and posted pics! It is 15 comments from the top HERE:https://www.instructables.com/id/Pocket-Drunken-Robot/

Awesome! This is just the push I need to finally get around to making some of the stuff from my favourite instructables!

I've already made a bunch of cute record player cards.

I made a wine bottle holder.  My comment is on the top of this page

Carry any bottle with a jug knot!

I'll never find the comment by going through my comments, however...
Check out about a quarter the way down on this page.


Does this apply to Instructable made in response to comments on other Instructables?

Here is my "entry" (in the comments).

And, if I happened to win something... could I have a patch instead? I have a whole year of free Pro membership already. :-P