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Juni-bot, a robot that will take out trees and bushes. Answered

Well, maybe not actually take out trees and bushes, but would help significantly. Here's my dilemma, I landscape, and the worst part of my job is tearing out old juniper bushes (and other low to the ground plants that make you itch). Anyway, they're so dense most of the time that you can't even get far enough into the plant to clip the branches. So most of the time we end up cutting off all the branches with a chain saw and digging the stump out, and that can take a while and makes a mess. Juniper is nasty stuff and spreads its roots up to 15 or 20 feet sometimes. By far the easiest way to rid yards of these beasts (which end up spreading and making your yard seem much smaller and less functional) is to loop a chain around the base (the trunk) and pull them out with a truck. Sounds easy enough, but the tricky part is getting the chain around it. The bushes grow so thick that you can't get at the trunk. Here's where my robot comes in. The Juni-bot will go right under the umbrella of thick, itchy branches, and tow a chain in a circle, around the trunk, right back to you! This idea would work for any tree trunk/base that you can't see, not just juniper. I see a problem and a way to fix it; this would cut down time and resources, and much pain ;-).


Well, I'm leaving for vacation in the morning. Leave comments and tell me what you think, but don't expect me to reply. :-D

. Great idea! . It might help for the 'bot to drag something lighter than a chain around the plant. Eg, a small rope that is strong enough to pull the 'bot out if it gets stuck.

Hey, that would work too. and then use the rope to pull the chain around....thanks for the input!


11 years ago

I skimmed this at first, and thought you were suggesting that the robot pull the tree out! :) How low to the ground to junipers grow? keep in mind the Create has about 2 inches in height, and the only thing worse than having it not fit would be having it fit in but not be able to get out.

Well, I don't think it would get stuck, but as long as it's pulling a chain you can always pull it back out.