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Just a general question Answered

why do the majority of the instructables  now have to include an arduino?  what happened? has the times changed to where you have to have one of these devices to be able to "instructab" anything anymore?  just a curious general question..  nocount@hotmail.com


"The majority"? Really?

I think maybe you're browsing the Arduino channel...

+1 ;)
I don't personally use an Arduino, but they are the best microcontroller for beginner all the way through intermediate level projects, in my opinion.

It does sometimes seem that a particular kind of project sometimes seems to become inordinately popular, often this popularity is driven by a contest or challenge.
I remember when I first joined you could have been forgiven for thinking that the site was run by Knex, I don't recall any kind of Knex competition at the time I think it was merely coincidence.


5 years ago

None of my I'bles contain an Arduino and most of them got featured. So, there you go.

There just the circuit of the day next week or next year it will be something else. Momma needs a new pair of shoes.

They don't have to. A lot of the more interesting projects tend to use them, as they tend to be the microcontroller of choice. What would you rather see?