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Just dropped in to mention that I am still working on my latest project..... Answered

Here is a partial schematic....


You might want to add a Shottky diode to your two-handed throwie.

It is more like a "oops I dropped it on the floor and broke it" thingie....

Not a throwie then? Damn. May I suggest some sugru some where in that circuit? Might help...

Have to build it before I can hack it.....

Is that part of the Geek Twelve-Step Program? "Hi, I'm Mike, and I build particle accelerator components out of Lego..."

Twelve? Christ, mine usually ends at 4 or 5 after something breaks or I hurt myself!

Particle accelerator / worm hole generator; call it what you like >:-)

Bracing for nerd snipe!

Oh, haven't you seen the alt-text for that image?

Thanks for pointing that out (I've seen it now though), but I still prefer geek ;-)

Fair enough. The alt-text, or the title text, is always amusing.

LOL, I looked across the top line and just knew... You working on something then or just messing with those that don't read XKCD?

Oh I have been working on something minor, that I dropped and broke and have to reconstruct again....for the past month now.....I need to get it finished and sent.....when that last part comes....

Hmm, I managed to wreck a project in the works the other day, got a major and a minor, not to mention whatever I make along the way...

Well, this was due to be sent off on the 28th of last month.....I am STILL waiting on the part grrrr.

I meant that I was supposed to have the project done by the 28th, I broke it, and sent for a part......and when I get it, will fix what I've broken, and send it off (and post an ible too).

It didn't come today either ! I am so furious......for a buck or two more I could have overnighted it UPS......grrrr.

Umm, I guess I'll take that as a compliment if you were amusing yourself.

That's too bad! You have to buy your antibiotics on the street, then?

yeah, but they are watered down.....dosed for the smaller body weight and all....

As long as I have been on the internet (since the time of long distance calls to Builiten Boards, with accoustic modems), I only learned of it through you all....

They're the young Internet... I came across it relatively recently in my Internet

-On that 'Glue Open' switch, is that hot glue, super glue, or wallpaper paste? . . . -If I don't have an electric eel, can I substitute either a taser with a voltage multiplier stage added, or the output of my little hamster's wheel turning a DC motor as a generator? . . . -Lastly, on the three liters, is that beer, wine, or moonshine? Must be clear on this point!!!

The open glue switch is for turning on your gluons (or off), an extra bat with aluminum foil hat will work instead of the eel, and the three liters is any kind of juice you'd like it to be. :-)

Check on the gluon flow, I happen to have a bat with an aluminum hat in the hall closet so I'm good there, and now I know I can use the 3 liters of chilled Guiness. . . . Good to go, (by the way, are the people in the waiting pew supposed be smoking(?), and I don't mean cigarettes!)

No, those people in the pew should NOT have that smoke coming out of their ears......I will investigate...

Thanks, I spent the money for the liability insurance on beer and more parts.

I am not much on beer, although a good strong Stout is enjoyable from time to time.

Ok, we'll drink stout and watch those folks smoke a while. Heck, we can even place a few small wagers which one goes up in flames first.

The problem is finding something that still is "stout". The imported Guiness isn't the "stout" it once was. I think they have "Americanized it" to sell more. Blah. We have an Irish Red lager that beats that with taste.

I LOVE Killian's Red, could drink that anytime, lot of taste and great with a steak!

Still has a lot of flavor and still good with a steak, and as I grew up on Coors, what's not to like???

:-D Fair enough, though I tend like my Irish beers to come from, hmmmm, Ireland?