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Just picked up a strip of LEDs...need a power supply for them Answered

I just bought these http://amzn.to/1HgdTOC by accident (One-Click buying...lol) and I figured instead of returning them and getting my money back, I could actually use them around my room. The only problem is, I'm not too sure how to actually power them. From what I understand, they require a 12V 5A power supply. Is there anything common I might have in my house that I could use to power these? If not, where can I pick one up cheap-ish and with fast shipping?

Edit: forgot to mention I own a Dioder kit from IKEA, would it be possible to use the power supply from that? The label on it says 12V, but only .42A so I doubt it.


.42A is a little low for anything, although you don't need to buy the exact 5A power supply. You can make it work with 1A,2A.... depending on the legnth of the led strip.

I've found that these guys have a lot of 12V power supplies as their LED Flex Strips run off of 12VDC. Take a look at their switching desktop power supplies http://www.ledsupply.com/power-supplies They've got anything from 1A to 18A so they can do large scale projects. Always use them and they have super fast shipping. Same day if order before 3pm EST!

i use an old wifi/router modem power supply..just read the specs on the plug that goes into the wall..i use 1 in my room and 1 in another room and i havent had any dramas..another option is go buy a 12v battery like these


i did the battery option for a while also but got sick of charging it...

If you don't need the complete 5m in one strip, you can cut it every three LEDs - always at those 4 pads across the strip. You can even reconnect parts by resoldering those pads together.

Shorter parts will need still 12V but less amps. If 5m need 5A, the 1m needs 1A or your Dioder supply can drive approx. 42cm.

Any power supply you have that offers 12V and at least 5A will do. If you don't have a comparable wall adapter then look for an old PC power supply. Otherwise you'll need to buy and adapter.