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Does anyone know this guy? Is this OK?




Thank you!.....I just saw this and checked. looks like it's taken down.

I looked up scribd's policy and found the attached information. It is against their policy to post that info unless the copyright holder permitted them to do so. If any of those ibles are yours, I highly recommend you follow the link below and report him to scribd.


Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.07.34 PM.png

How enforceable are the CC licenses?

Is it better too label them the highest level or does it mean practically nothing?

They're just as enforceable as any other license. Basically, it's about how much force you're willing to apply to the situation. In this case, Scribd had no reason to fight back and simply removed the content. In some other cases I've heard about around the forums, the company in question is actually making money and fights back, so it's up to you to decide whether you want to hire a lawyer.

Cool, I thought there was something underlying them so they were practically all the same otherwise you would have to pay.

Thanks Brooklyntonia, I have been reading these comments but haven't had time to respond until now. I see that the account is deleted. Probably since most of his content came from here.

I actually found his account because of the squiggly line next to the name of my 'ible. It gives the source of most of the traffic coming in. Our screen names remained active in the documents he posted so people were probably clicking back to here. The main problem I had with him posting there (Beside the obvious infringement) is that he posted my 'ible as CC when I have it posted as All Rights Reserved. But thanks for your quick action on this matter. I'm glad to see that it was solved.

So, assuming a lot of users here unaware about the fact that their work is stolen by this guy, would't it be nice to inform the users so they can take the right actions?
I mean only with action we will be able to stop these idiots making profit with the ideas of other people...

I suggest the if you see something on a different website and you find an older, identical Instructable for it - you leave a PM with the author including a link to the stolen work.
Might even be better to include a "I found it stolen" in the 'ibles - this way anyone finding a stolen copy can help with ease to stop this habbit.

I want to inform all of them. However, it will take a while to do that, and I've only had time to inform one, so far.

I've just looked at the Scribd site, and their office is only a few streets away from Pier 9.

Maybe they could send an intern round. A large intern.


HA! Well, I sent them all a PM directing them to this thread.

and it was appreciated, sent you a 3 month pro code for your efforts, check your inbox.

Does it matter?

There's enough rubbish going on these days with petty and irrelevant copyright claims as it is. All the links remain intact, it even links to the original authors and the Instructables logo is plastered all over the pages. I can see no harm.

In all honestly the re-posts are likely to increase traffic to the original 'ibles. As the additional links will increase the page rankings in searches.

If I were you I'd get on with something else and stop adding to their site ranking by linking to their pages.

this is a common issue. I searched "Instructables" and have found
lots of others doing this. Thankfully, in most cases it seems to be just the
occasional upload as opposed to tons of uploads by one person. You may want to search Scribd for your username or ibles if you're reading this.

exception: 49 published, most are instructables


someone who's taken an entire collection. I've notified Scoochmaroo as the
author of the collection.


one is also a collection. I've notified zazenergy.


So, it looks like either he's been shut down or he deleted his account. The above link no longer goes anywhere.

Who said we can fix problems with someone stealing our work here :)

Well done guys!

Opps, well done guys AND girls!

@Brookylntonia Thanks for heads up. I sent in a report. Will let you know how it pans out.

thanks for the note and the link. I did not approve the posting.

this guy is also abusing the pro membership on here as he cant download them as PDFs unless he has a pro memebership, could we have his pro memebership revoked and get him banned from the site?

I have submitted a request for my content to be pulled under copyright grounds. thanks Brooklyntonia for contacting me about this.

No, no, no. They should not be selling our stuff for profit! The whole site looks like infringement.

He has uploaded a lot of documents from this site that he does not own copyright to, so that's a negative.

I'm not familiar with scribd, but it looks like he just collected some instructables and put them in a personal library for future reference but forgot to classify them as private.

Just saying because there seems to be a small witch-hunt going on here while I think one could just ask him first.

Scribd is not a personal library, it's a file-sharing site that works through the exchange of downloads - to be able to download a document, you must first upload something else. This payment in kind breaks the terms of the licenses here.

And @Honus

Ah, I understand now that there is a bit more going on than a simple accident.
I was a bit confused with the term stealing because there are still working links to the original authors.

There are a couple of problems going on with this. First, you cannot download or read the material he has uploaded without becoming a subscriber and paying a fee. Since I'm not a subscriber I have no idea if he gets paid per download or if he has made them free downloads.

Second, I can't speak for others but my Instructable he uploaded is published under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work even for
commercial reasons, as long as they credit you and license their new
creations under the identical terms. It does not allow others to copy the entirety of your work verbatim and publish it elsewhere.

I don't have any problem with him creating a personal library but Scribd isn't the place to do it. Whether or not he makes it private is irrelevant. Instructables already provides him with the ability to save the project as a .pdf file which he can easily save to any number of personal electronic devices for viewing.

I'm sure it's all totally innocent but If he wants to upload someone else's work to another site he needs to ask for permission from the original author. Not only is this common sense but it's clearly stated on the Scribd site.

Actually my [untrained] interpretation is that he is failing on the "share alike" - readers should be able to download them freely, without having to make a "payment" in the form of other uploads.

That's what I was thinking too. I don't know if he is proffitting from them or not, But I do know that Scribd is a paid subscription site.

Maybe it would be worth to report the stealing to Scribd?
Can't be too hard to proove that the originals here are older than his "artwork"....

Usually, for most websites, it has to be the copyright holder who makes the complaint - many websites or website users get away with stealing content, purely because the true owner never finds out.

One of those is mine so I reported him.

Good for you! Let us know what scribd says.

Scribd removed it within a couple hours of my contacting them.

I think there's a deal where, the more stuff you upload, the more you can download?