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K'NEX Halo 3 Dual SMGs and Battle Rifle Answered

Dual M7 Caseless SMGs

I made another SMG and a Battle Rifle! The SMGs are almost exactly alike, except when I made the second one I noticed some problems and made a few small changes. Also, I didn't have enough of those swingy pieces I used for the forestock joint, so I used ball and joint pieces, which worked great.

Here is the description from the page I made when I made the first one.

This is a K'NEX model (just a model, not a gun) of the M7 Caseless Submachine Gun from Halo, better known as the SMG. It has twin notch sights, rear and fore stock, and a solid barrel. The stock is extended, the way I made it, but I'm thinking about making it collapsible. It should be fairly easy to put in a firing mechanism, but I don't plan on doing that right now. I don't think I'm gonna post instructions because I would have to take it apart. If anyone can dissect it in their minds, go ahead and make an Instructable, but make it a collaboration with me.

M7 Caseless SMG on Halopedia.org
High-Res M7 Caseless SMG

BR55HB SR - Battle Rifle, Heavy Barrel, Sniper Rifle

Differences between BR55HB SR (Halo 3) and BR55 (Halo 2)
- Longer barrel
- Trigger guard

I based my model off the BR55HB SR, which is the actual name for the Battle Rifle in Halo 3, so it includes all the changes. It has the elevated rail, which has a scope on it. You might notice at the end of the barrel in the picture of the actual gun, the barrel looks expanded at the end. I did this too. The inside of the model is almost completely hollow, so it would be easy to convert into a gun. The barrel at the end would be hard though. The whole thing is very solid, even though it's hollow. It's also very easy to make, unlike the SMG.

BR55HB SR Battle Rifle on Halopedia.org
High-Res BR55HB SR Battle Rifle


Hey can i post instructions for the SMG (maybe the Battle Rifle if I make it)?

ya i cant make it 24 inches (that is about as long as my arm) because it would be a gun for a giant or something but it is at about 16 inches

ok thanks but it might not be anytime soon because i need to mod it just a little more because i want to make it as close to 24 inches (about its in-game length) at possible and MAYBE make the stock collapsible (probably not)

do these things even shoot!?!?!

No. I've never had a K'NEX gun shoot over like five feet.


Why? There must be somthing you seriously dont understand about knex guns.

Nope. There's comments below that have more info.


10 years ago

nice gun. but can you make a sniper rifle or a plasma gun?(srry for my bad english) i m dutch..

UNSC 4 life.GIF

No. Unless I really want to, I won't be making any more like this. For a while at least.

ahhhhh.... please???

well, do they!!!!!!?????!!!!!??????

What? I already told you, no they don't.

Please post them!!!!!!!!!!

No. I don't have the time for that. Sorry.

Pretty Please??? I'm a fan of Halo & Knex. I even made a group called Knex Halo Weapons. I won't push you to do what you don't want to do, but if you reconsider, then please post them in my group. They would be great additions.

You can add them to that group, but I'm not gonna make an ible for these. There's lots of pictures, can't you just make it your self?

I don't make knex guns that much mainly because a lot of the ones I want to make either uses pieces I don't have or uses more pieces than I do have. So, I guess I'm kind of like a noob. That, but you only have 2 pics of them, and it's kind of hard for me to build off of them. You wouldn't have to make 2, just make 1 and post it as an instructable. You don't really have to, but it's just a suggestion. It would only take half the time that it would take to build both. If you do reconsider, then post it in my group. Keep up the good work.

I'll make a slideshow, but there really isn't much point.

why the hell would you make a model, when you can make a good rifle? No offence, it looks great though. And guess what! after days of searching, i finally found a instructable that doesn't have a comment section with noobs who can't spell, and say "first comment!" when they haven't even commented. Lol! XD

Because K'NEX guns suck xD I've never had a K'NEX gun shoot over 5 feet. Thanks :D

You Havent..? hmm.... What Guns HAve you Tried To Build, And What Rubberbands Did You Use?

Many guns, mostly my own, but also ones that they say shoot "over 100 feet". I've used the right rubber bands, too. The gun will bend or pieces will break off before it actually fires good. Why are you typing with capitals? xD

if you want a cool gun i seguest you build oodalumps first semi-auto. it is very fun to use and can(at least for me) get a good 10 feet of range.

Here is mine.

Photo 60.jpg

Nice you are good at building. Can you please post it.

Yeah sure, after I post my other gun.

Thanks, i'm looking forward to it. When do you think you can post it?

ok thats a while but i can wait were on at the same time

a fast pic of the smg i could upload via flickr


Yeah you tell him Killa696 ha ha ha ha!

i totally finisehd the smg, have some nice pics, but now the instructables uploader is being an ass >.> and the flickr one wont work either..

i finished making them fire, they loook a little diffrent, but it still looks like the SMG, its a one shot, top loading self-invented trigger, i hopefully post pics tonight.

as said, sweet! shall i try to make a gun out of this?

Sure, go ahead. I didn't because the barrels aren't open on either of them and I've never seen a K'NEX gun shoot over 5 feet.

they can shoot over 5 feet :O i got mepains sniper shoot over 100 feet >:D

In a straight line? You didn't shoot it up in an arc like a bow? Did you actually measure it with a tape measure or something? I really doubt it shot that far.

if you see 100 feet as 30 metres, yes, even though i didnt use a real tape measurement i knew it was about 30 metres, there once was a "egg"contest there, and you also had too walk 30 metres wiht an egg on a spoon, and i did it on about the same spots :) and the shot was with wind in the back and about a 10 degree angle, but still, it came within about 1,5 metres of where i wanted it :)

Sweet. But they look flimsy.

Only the SMG is, a little bit.


10 years ago


Wow these are very nice and very accurate depictions of them. I might be able to make them shoot rubber bands but if a big time K'nex gunner had interest it could probably shoot rods.