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K'NEX RBG Version 2 Answered

It's been a long while, but I have been thinking about my RBG all this time. During this hiatus I spent some time playing with knex guns that fired rods; however, they never came close to the fun I had with the RBGs.

So, what resulted from those past experiments comes a slightly smaller and less bulkier RBG that is quite solid. I listened to the many suggestions and comments, and managed to solve a few quirks from the original design.

What will be posted here on Instructables is not just the mechanism itself, but barrels, and other optional offerings to customize your RBG.

In the mean time I'd like to add an honorable mention to Revtiedye for his take on the RBG.

I hope your summer is going great(State-side) and stay tuned.


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RGB v2 is coming along swimmingly. The new barrel can withstand an acceptable amount of large rubber bands without snapping. This new barrel sports a rail system for attachments such as a vertical foregrip. These will be included in the instructions.

How about a sneak peek?
  • Image One: Interconnecting barrel pieces is serious stuff. I wanted to eliminate the "big snap"
  • Image Two: This is the full rifle configuration. It is quite long, and not as economic as the original design.

Things to do include: refine piece usage in all barrel configurations, stamp out a decent stock(collapsible?)
2008-06-22 07-29-02_knex_01_resize.JPG2008-06-22 07-35-22_knex_02_resize.JPG

Hmm, looks interesting, I can't wait until it's posted. Would it be possible to make a switch to change between full-auto and semi-auto firing? Also I hope this one's stronger than version 1. And I agree with you, guns that fire rods are good but rubberband guns are better.

No switch. I have thought about that kind of option at one time, but at such a small capacity, it would not be too reasonable. Maybe that would be good for an entirely different project! Version 2 is very very durable. The receiver/handle is rock solid with none of those old "pins" previously designed. Only the barrel and possibly the stock could risk getting knocked out of alignment, but that is negligible.

Great! Yeah, I might mess around with the whole switch idea. Right now I'm improving the strength of your rbg repeater. I can't wait for version 2!

Well it has been a week now, and I have been through lots of revisions. This RBG has grown in to a very hefty and sturdy platform with precise engineering rivaling that of an F1 race car. The barrel was the only consistent point of failure so far, so that has caused delays. I might have solved that today, and things are looking good so far. In the mean time, here is a peak.

2008-06-16 21-06-18_cats_02_resize.JPG