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K'NEX dens/bases/tents etc Answered

I am working on an instructable on ideas to make k'nex dens and hideouts with blankets, using the k'nex for frames. If you want to be a collaborator, comment here and I will let you in. Also, if you have ideas, comment here too


Reminds me of a sniper 'hideout' I constructed. Only works from the front, like Jollex's, but was quite useful as I have a window overlooking my garden.


9 years ago

IDo Interested On This

Can I Be A Collaborator O Great One

Look at the first letters of the first sentence(They Spell Something.)

if you want to. I hope you are not hinting at my obvious false crossinterpretation of my non existant idiocy? lol

(> -)>|
the bunneh is angry and I have set him on you with a knife

Please no sir, anything but the bunny. I beg you have mercy

it's not that bad of a idea, it would easily work.


9 years ago

I'll be a collaborator.

can i join im currenty working on this on one as we speak

Sounds pretty cool! PS: Can I be a collaborator?

please post

I just use a DPM Bivi bag :)

I'm in If I can be!

I can't post until after monday because I have to break up all of my large models, because a guy is coming to value our house on monday.

can i please be one?

i built a mini house an put a turret on it it was cool

can i be one? i used to make pillow forts with knex (i was young)

i want to be one too i already tryed something like that and it failed but maybe i can rebuild it and upgrade it