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KNex lift Idea's Answered

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had any idea's for a knex lift as I currently have no idea's for making. Any help?


Try making a system where the ball enters a little capsule and is then taken high and dropped out. I konw that's pretty much a lot of lifts but just try a different method.

I am. I want to include elements i have made myself tho

Inspiration. not Copying. :-P Find ideas in things that they have done. Also look at places that things pass through everyday, (pipes) and base an element off of that.

Send me some pics with your new elements after your done. :-)

There terrible, basically pointlwess, ill post pics though

Dont expect too muc, all it is i a cam shaft and a wheel thingy

Ill ask my dad at some point to help me upload the pictures

I'm a fan of both. It really depends on what pieces you have.

True. My pieces are better for Ball Machines, but I still build coasters :-)

Same here. I just got a great deal for some micro knex B)

I got a great deal for 20 Kg of k'nex!

Makes me think of a rope lift, or something similar

Not really rope but more like controlling the chain?

Making the "elevator" spin while it's going up to the deposit point?

Exactly if you use two parts of chain it won't spin.

You could try to make something with cyber knex motors. :)

That are motores of a set ow called cyber knex. There is also a prozessor that can make them turn. But they don't need it. They can also turn at their on. You'll have to press so long as you want it to turn the button to turn it. You could mke that it strts turning coz of the whait of te ball (http://www.knexusergroup.eu/acatalog/info_K70022.html and http://www.knexusergroup.eu/acatalog/info_K70012.html)

I mean one to deisng and build myself :D.