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KSAR Answered

KSAR - Knex Standard Assault Rifle. Just as the title said, nothing special, but very good. It's a grey connector shooter, but can easily be modded to a blue rod mag. It has a great working removable magazine, good strong stock, pin guide, long fake barrel, I like the style of the sights, anyways overall it's pretty cool. But yeah, nothing special. The only 'new' is the front handle, but yeah who cares about that. I think it's really hard to add something new on an assault rifle. I mean the 'real' magazine system on guns is impossible to make on knex guns, and I can't think of something else what would be a big difference. Full-auto or semi-auto of course, but that's just hard to make it on a good-loking assault rifle.
Tell me what you think.


Cool! i really like it.

One of the better looking freestyle Assault Weapons. The only thing I don't like is the trigger placement.

I see, but I get used to it. Thanks

I can't help but look at this and see it has some AN-94 like elements in it. I see you do some replicas. Think you could give a shot at modding this to be a full AN-94 replica? I don't think we have one of those yet, it'd definitely make this post worthy.

PS do you have a idea for the very front barrel, that small thing? there's no way a bullet can trough that... or maybe I'll put the barrel higher so it the bullet fly over it? any suggestion maybe?

Well I have two suggestions there. Either you make it pass between the piston and barrel or have it pass over the barrel and widen the connection between which ever part connected to the barrel that must be passed through.

Anyway, I've posted a new topic, with pictures of the AN94. I tried statring to mod this assault rifle, but after some tries I just started without using things of this weapon. Tell me what you think, so I can change stuff before I post..

Yeah, I'll see what I can do, but it's gonna be tricky...

Wow, it does look like it, with heck a lot of changements, new front barrel.. Perhaps I give it a try! Thanks!

Not bad.

Dude, that's nice!

That is one killer looking gun XD

Thanks! It looks a bit as a M4, the stock and body a bit..

I saw an M16A4 in the stock, but I do see an M4 in there as well =D I can also see a G3 and FAL in there too =D Are you going to post?

Yeah, looks a bit like it.. No I'm not going to post, I don't see why coz nothing new in it

Ok, I had a feeling you would say no =D Did you see my latest crossbow?

Aha, yeah I don't post a lot of stuff.. And no, I'm going to check it out now!:)

Looking good, what sort of range/power does it reach? And what's the maximum mag capacity?

I haven't really mesured the range, the only 'mesuring' I have that it could destroy a paper with 5m/15 feet distance. In my eyes it was pretty powerfull


7 years ago


cool, i like it!