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Kaossilator fix? Answered

So, my Kaossilator suddenly dies one day, the power was too high. i have no experience whatsoever with digital so i am lost.
Any way to fix this? it was over-exposed to voltage, the voltage suddenly jumped and it went. any fix?


I'm not sure what you mean by the voltage suddenly jumped.

Do you mean you hooked up the wrong power pack?

Yep pretty much. More like the supply worked but was a half volt over, so randomly it went.

Usually a half volt over won't hurt anything.

But we'll assume you're right.

Start at the power in jack and work from there looking for obviously burned parts.  There may be a diode or fuse that is blown if you're lucky.  OTher than getting lucky you may have to replace things piece by piece until you either replace them all or fix it.

There are ways to test MOST parts but without knowing what's there I can't be much help.

Thanks. I couldnt see any obviously burned parts, i looked and im guessing that one of the digital chips burned or something. I really have no idea.