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Kasey- Finalist Answered

Kasey is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Challenge for:
Compubeaver --> How to case-mod a beaver - in 29 easy steps!

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WHO ARE YOU GIRL!?!? Very talented for sure! Still.. you crack me up, in a good way }:D Congrats and keep it up!

You know how much i love your beaver! I just wish I knew the right way to vote. For an instructables site they sure give crappy directions!


11 years ago

Ten reasons I would love to win a laser cutter:

1. It'd be awesome to be able to make custom wearable art elements. I do a lot of work with unusual materials (see http://www.yourpsychogirlfriend.com ) and it'd be amazing to have the opportunity to make custom pieces and custom etch things as needed. The possibilities are endless.

2. Laser cut paper is phenomenal, and something I'd love to play with. I've seen some really fantastic artwork done, and would love to play around and see what I can come up with.

3. I am working on a couple of projects that include detailed illustrated maps and antique scientific instruments - I'd love to be able to etch those into wood and antique the finish. I'd also really like to build a wooden robot and some plastic monsters, and I think I could cut the bulk of the parts with this.

4. I could laser cut an entire family of plastic woodland critters working hard on high speed technology!

5. I love the notion of being able to recreate organic forms from unexpected materials. Having the ability to cut plastic and emulate nature's finest work would be brilliant.

6. I would etch everything I own just to see what it does. Note: I will not etch my cat or Dick Cheney, promise.

7. Laser cut latex is fantastic, and can make some really neat and interesting wearable accessories and other things.

8. Truth be told, there are a zillion things I could do with this, most of them dependent upon how it works with certain materials. I would absolutely love to play with it, and could see it taking my work in new directions, which is exciting indeed. There's nothing better than a new tool, and this one would be the best one I've ever had. It'd be great to be able to make custom accessories that are marketable, especially since I just quit my job and am trying to give life a go as a working artist (um, yay!).

9. I don't think I ever will get tired of saying laser. LASER! LASER!

10. There are some really great projects up for consideration - I just feel honored to be among 'em :) Good luck to all!


11 years ago

i touched your beaver. hehehehehe

I couldn’t even begin to imagine what this artist will do with the ""Laser"" cutter. Between this and the Meat Shorts instructable there is a great mind at work. Someone who thinks so far outside the box she has turned it inside out. And that is what we are voting for here right? Someone that will take the ""Laser"" cutter and run with it like a pair of scissors in a banana peal field. Nothing but good can come from this. ""Lance""

Some of my nerd friends object to your beaver on the grounds that it runs Windows rather than Unix. I pointed out that if they got beavers of their own, they could put Linux on them -- and now with your Instructable, they can do just that!

Great point. Someone wanted to commission a penguin case mod for just that...I think they were kidding, though :)

What a fantastic case mod! This world is filthy with beavers and it's safe to say that very few computers have a well designed case. I've got plenty of beavers and thanks to this well written and thought out instructable, I can get to work on them beavers. If Kasey had a laser cutter, Dick Cheney would be forced to bow down in front of her and surrender.

If she had a laser cutter think of the cool case mods and other fun art she could make. I would pay for a computer tower in a mime.

I can't imagine what she will come up with creating with a laser cutter, but I can't wait to see. I think the creation is great, and the instructible is well photographed and explained. If I needed to make my own beaver, I would be able to thanks to Kasey. She should win!

Criminy, anyone who could even think up a casemod as cool as that, let alone execute it, is clearly entitled to her own laser cutter. Get on that, wouldja?


11 years ago

Well, how can ya not love that beaver?! This woman clearly needs a laser cutter.

Wow, I've always wanted to know how to make a beaver case-mod! Thanks Kasey!