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Keeping an eye on what our hired help is doing.....UK, Scotland, N.Ireland, Wales Answered

MAKE magazine has just reported that we in the US of A will soon be getting into the act that countries like the UK, Scotland, N.Ireland, & Wales have been for awhile now.

At TheyWorkForYou.com (from across the pond) you can:

Find out more about your MP/ MSPs/ MLAs

View lists of all MPs, Lords, MSPs, or MLAs.

Sign up to be emailed when something relevant to you happens in Parliament

Read and comment on:

  • Thursday's Commons debates:
  • Thursday's Westminster Hall debates:
  • Thursday's Written Answers:
  • Tuesday's Northern Ireland Assembly debates:
etc. and etc.

The link is here...clicky - for UK

I can not wait to see how we handle the new initiative to Open Government on our side....

Major Update !!!

One can now get emails from the US Govmnt on what is happening on health care etc. go here to sign up for updates AND one can also go directly to the site they maintain for those that do not wish to sign up, but still want to know: and THAT can be found HERE.


The idea being that this is presently a UK thing, and we in the states are finally going to get an open government: remember, we pay these people, say they are technically ours BUT, if you can't open it, it isn't yours ! - Make

That's a good link, thank you Nacho. The article in the newest Make, did not give a link that I could find, except the one for the UK.

And how they (MP's) are squirming these days.


In brief - it's open season on the Cabinet et al after an establishment newspaper bought leaked documents revealing the extent of how MP's bend the rules over expenses.

Is the story being covered at all over on your side Goodhart? And how do the Representatives / Senators get renumerated?



Hi Goodhart did you receive my reply - seems to have been deleted?

The one just above my last post? Other then that, no, I didn't see it. sorry.


9 years ago

so, is this good or bad?

Oh, this is a VERY good thing. We pay them, we should know what they are doing with OUR hard earned money. They must be accountable, and this administration seems to want that too....the last one did not.