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Keeping some promises Answered

Right, I've finally caught up with some promises and updated some of my papercraft templates as PDF files.

The Papercraft Grave is now fully-PDFed, including a half-scale version on a single page.

Heed is PDFed, and has an updated link between the head and body (thanks Mykhailo).

The now-classic Paper Catapult is also PDFed, and has neater graphics on the arm.


Oh man, now I have to figure out how to make a soap skellie...to go in the groovy casket. :)

Carved? Cast? Oh! Do it for Hallowe'en, and make the soap out of human fat acquired from the local liposuction boutique!

I'm thinking cast...maybe I can find one the right size and make a rubber mold. Halloween..yes. Human fat...erm...no. ;) The ass cheeks of trophy wives...nobody wants that.

Paper Grave would be ideal for


A henchman of Mr Lovebucket (a gangster) wrote on the rear windscreen of his car "Mr Lovebucket is a Wan-" he's just punished them. Meanwhile Ade Edmonson & Rik Mayall, having received £3000 from Mr Lovebucket to "take out" Nicholas Parsons, are about to find out that he didn't mean for dinner at the Dorchester followed by a tattoo... Comic Strip Presents: Mr Jolly Lives Next Door, a great film. L

Comic Strip? You're older than you look!

Yes, much older. I could even be your age... L