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Kerf and a circular saw? Answered

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In the article you said there was a notch to follow for the kerf yet in the above photo you're not on that notch. You nailed the cut correctly though. Is it more of us learning our saws? I learned something new with the Kerf. My son and I made a bird house this weekend and our cuts were off. We made our measurements first then cut the board. The bird won't mind but lesson learned.

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-01-25

All saws are different, and every blade will have a different kerf. In the picture in my class this is what works for my saw, but you'll need to find out what that looks like on your own saw, and with the blade you are using.

Sorry if that wasn't clear, I'll tidy the language to make it more specific. Luckily birds don't have an eye for that kind of thing :)

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